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Schlock Mercenary
The online comic space opera by Howard Tayler
The online comic space opera by Howard Tayler

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Convention Banner! Seven feet tall, and made out of book covers and distilled ego. 

Come see Howard, along with Jim Zub and Tracy Hickman (banners not shown) at Gen Con Indy, beginning August 14th!

We're getting ready to launch a Schlock Mercenary Patreon. Yes, there will be goodies. Details will appear in the usual places.

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On the assorted news front: new merchandise!

Also, we just sent Longshoreman of the Apocalypse (book 10) off to the printer, and just began book 15 online. 

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The 2014 Calendar Pre-orders are now open!

Also, we found some Munitions Canister I sets (books 1-5 in a handsome slip case) during the warehouse move. There are exactly 90 of these, and we've marked them down.

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The 2014 Calendar is coming! 

A week from now, on November 11th, we'll open pre-orders for the calendar. We'll probably also have a Warehouse-Warming sale of some sort, because we just moved everything from two storage units into a warehouse that also has office space.

I spent the day working with Alan Bahr on the engine for the Schlock Mercenary RPG. I bet you now have questions. Here are some enumerated notes:

1) It's definitely going to happen in some way, shape, or form.
2) We're not licensing somebody else's engine. Alan is putting all the meat on a mechanic I dreamed up.
3) We have not picked a release date, but we know the date is no earlier than mid-2015. Why?
4) Because we want this to be awesome, and that means art, writing, and buckets of playtesting. These things take time.
5) No, we are not ready for play-testers.
6) I'll be doing writing and cartoony-art for the source book. We'll have other artists do top-shelf RPG art. 
7) We'll be building a website for this. Expect a FAQ, a game developer blog, and teasers. This is where requests to play-test should be lodged. The site should be live by early 2014.

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Coming soon to LoneStarCon 3/WorldCon 71 in San Antonio! These are the table banners (they hang in front of the Schlock Mercenary table.) We'll have all of these books in stock, except for the one that says "coming soon" on it. We'll also have coins, mugs, badge holders (but not many of those!) and t-shirts. And yes, I'll sketch in any Schlock Mercenary book you buy from me OR that you bring by my table.
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The Body Politic Bookfort! My friend Myke Cole was running a contest -- build a fort out of books -- and he let slip that a) I can use my OWN books, and b) I can include miniatures.

For the full effect, start with the first picture (not the one being used as the cover) and "Play Slideshow." Read the captions, too! It's not my best writing, but it'll do for now.
The Body Politic Bookfort Fight for Myke
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New convention flyer incoming! 

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Pre-orders are now open for Schlock Mercenary: The Body Politic!
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