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Chandrachoodan: History & Archaeology
Making History and Archaeology work on screen
Making History and Archaeology work on screen


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Two films that I collaborated on with my fellow MA students at Bristol University have been selected for The Archaeology Channel's International Film Festival. Thrilled!

An Introduction to Contemporary Archaeology: With Dr. Brooklyn Hornswoggle-Smythe
Robert Blake and the Civil War Sieges of Taunton
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Post has attachment A work-in-progress documentary on the poetry and inscriptions of temples in Tamil Nadu. I plan to cover about 15 temples - each around a thousand years old - and see what they can tell me (and hopefully you) about the history of Tamil Nadu.

(Note: The sound on this is a bit iffy-offy. This is merely a preview of what I am working on.)
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Couple of things. I wrote about this on my Fb page and on Flickr, but worth sharing here. For

A city that's atleast 360 years old (and a lot more ancient), Chennai does not care much about its heritage and history. Lovely old buildings (and some pretty important old buildings) are neglected, and either crumble away to an ignominous end, or come crashing down on people and property.

Rainfall in the city has been above average this year, and this has caused its own problems - timber and old masonry - crack under the weight of water, and strong winds bring down already weakened structures.

Meanwhile, the city is building infrastructure. New roads, new buildings, houses and more; the city is now also bigger than it was before.
Also, we're building a new metro rail system inside the city's core. Parts of which were megalithic settlements, and have been under occupation for ever. I love cheap, efficient public transportation. Have always, will always. So I like the Metro. What I would also like is a way for archaeologists, historians etc. to see what's being dug up and try and salvage what could be.
There is a Heritage Monitoring Committee appointed by the city and the state governments, but their ambit - as far as I can see - is standing monuments. A larger purvey will not hurt.
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