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Space Pollution
millennia, mankind has used Earth’s resources however it wanted, and when we were
done with something, we simply abandoned it. Most of this stuff will -
eventually - return to its component parts, thanks to weather and other natural
events. But
there is...

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In this week's episode, Bugalu arrives at sick bay, hoping to visit with Mac as they eat lunch. As usual, she has fallen asleep just before he gets there, though it doesn't look like she'll sleep very long. But this time, his presence seems to chase her nightmare away.

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Swords - Fantasy or Fact?
A Guest Entry by Ta’Yant bilora vi
Grrrck (of Floya 4 - There are other Ta’Yant bilora vi Grrrcks, but they aren’t
from Floya 4!) A common occurrence in the genre
‘high fantasy’ or ‘epic fantasy’ is the use of swords, some of which had or are
said to have h...

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Finally, Jane gets Smitty to consider that he's misjudged Colleen MacDowell. Things will straighten themselves out, now.

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I’ve talked before about our solar system as
if it were a family, with the sun as the parent, and the planets as the
children. The moons, asteroids and other bits would be the grandchildren, I
suppose. I am quite fascinated with our solar system.
Until scie...

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In this week's episode (a continuation from the last 2 episodes), Capt Burke tries to reveal to Smitty that he MUST feel MacDowell has some potential without stating that otherwise, he would have dismissed her by now, but the conversation keeps wandering down paths she didn't think would be there.

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What’s Up, Doc?
reached that ‘special’ age where parts of me stiffen and ache. When I get tired
of putting up with this nonsense, and I don’t feel a medical doctor is doing
enough for me, I start researching the cause and what I can do about it. Yes,
I’ve been known t...

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In today's episode, something is obviously bothering Smitty, so the Captain tries to figure out what.

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Prehistoric Groundhog
Day happens in February, when everybody - it seems - wants to know ‘Will this
winter never end?’ How groundhogs ever got associated with predicting the end
of winter is a mystery to me. Did any of them ever get a degree in climatology?
No, not a o...

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In this week's episode, Mac 'escapes' from sick bay to get some 'real' food in the messhall. Of course things aren't as simple as that.
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