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Summer Vacations Bring Business Down-“Fall”s!

It’s summer which means that it’s time to relax and put corporate matters to the side until the fall. Too often, businesses make the mistake I just mentioned. They will follow the lead of their competitors and enjoy a relaxing summer instead of getting AHEAD of their competition by using this time to get prepared so that, when the busy season rolls around, they’re already capturing a larger profit share than ever before. You should be using these summer months to get started on building your online presence and optimizing your website for any marketing endeavors you plan to begin in September. Waiting until September and pushing off the ground work until then is a sure-fire way to get left behind by your competition.

The key to any successful marketing campaign is your online presence. It’s 2017. No one is looking you up in the Yellowpages anymore. No one is just going to blindly stop by your company and see how they like it. They are going to be looking you up online. You NEED to make sure that what they are going to see is going to be the absolute best representation of your company imaginable. The competition is fierce as more and more young entrepreneurs are coming out with a lifetime of experience online in their artillery. Don’t let July and August dwindle away leaving you with nothing to show for those months. Beat the curve. Get ahead of the game. Start building your website today.

So, all that I’ve said above has convinced you, but you have no idea where to even begin? A lot of companies today face that same, exact struggle when trying to start a new marketing campaign centered around digital media. We here at have the best of the best from the new pool of college graduates at our disposal ready to assist you in all of your online endeavors. Whether you’re interested in just building a beautiful website or beginning an entire marketing and branding strategy with proven results, we are here to serve you. You can call us today at (800) 587-5355 or come into our office conveniently located at 174 South Street in Morristown, NJ for a FREE marketing evaluation. Stop by and see just how far a simple investment with us will take your company.
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Low Quality Website Leads to Low Profits

Is your business going through a slow period? The fact is that the majority of poor companies have a bad website. Your website, and online branding in general, are a reflection of your company’s identity. If you have a sleek, high-functioning website, you will have a successful, high-profiting business.

Time and time again, I have clients come into the shop. For example, a recent client (let’s call him Jack) came in looking for help with his business and said he “wanted mailers.” When I opened Jack’s website with my team of expert designers, we were immediately met by a sad-looking, template based website with absolutely NO mobile functionality and HTML errors all over the page. I knew exactly what the issue was but, just to be safe, I asked Jack to show me some of his competitors. Of those websites, the ones that had the look of a professionally designed websites that had time, effort, and money put into them, were the ones that were capitalizing on the market share of that industry. After my recommendations, he signed up for and let us rebuild his website and he’s currently in the market for NEW employees to help him handle the influx of new business he’s gotten since signing on with us. People like Jack are a dime a dozen in the workforce and I see this same, exact issue everyday at my office. If you have a website that looks like you borrowed from a free template, your company will be going through hard times- guaranteed.

Let's Fix Your Website Together

Your website and online presence in general (such as branding, SEO optimization, and pay-per-click marketing) need to be in top shape if you want to survive the fierce, 2017 competition. has a portfolio of over 500 websites with proven higher retention rates that will grow your business profits. Feel free to swing by our office today at 174 South Street in Morristown, NJ or call us at (973) 769-2857 for a FREE marketing evaluation.
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How do I choose a reliable Website Designer?

With successful business owners in 2017 recognizing that their online presence is the presentation of their company, businesses are asking themselves: what is the best way to create and maintain my company’s website? Doing it all on your own will not provide an edge against your competition. Freelancers typically do not specialize in all aspects of the project. Large corporations who are known powersellers may charge the maximum price to cover their overhead, with no guarantee on results. Professional, mid sized companies are the perfect fit. What are the key achievements that mid sized companies must have to be considered qualified?

• Their own impressive website that is not a template.

• A rich and diverse portfolio of completed work.

• References from clients.

• Specialize in Website Design, Databases, and Marketing.

• Fair market value prices.

New Web Design is the prime example of a professional web design and marketing company. Backed by an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and over 19 years of excellent service, they offer a one of a kind strategic approach for their clients that can't be found anywhere else. This will result in an up to 700% increase in return visitors, client retention, click through rates, and time on site compared to other website design companies. Visit NewWebDesign's online portfolio or call at (973)775-9217
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New Web Design is excited to announce that we will be launching our new website in the next few weeks. The site has been completely rewritten, rebranded, and recoded by our in house group of expert graphic designers, copywriters and our extremely talented coding team. The site features a massive amount of information provided by the companies owner and founder pertaining to every aspect of website design, database development, managed hosting, print advertising, mobile apps and other various online marketing strategies. Here is our updated About Us that will be featured on our new site. Let us know what you think!

About New Web Design

New Web Design has been providing professional design and marketing services at small-business prices since our establishment in 1999. We were the first marketing company to combine website design and hosting, database development, print and online marketing into an all-inclusive business strategy. Our company continues to make groundbreaking achievements in the industry with the recent addition of state-of-the-art interactive mobile apps.

New Web Design has achieved an A+ accreditation rating from the Better Business Bureau for consistently providing successful marketing campaigns along with exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on our large number of loyal repeat clients and numerous referrals. We service a wide range of businesses, from small start-up companies to large, well-established corporations. Regardless of the type of business, we are able to devise effective marketing campaigns custom tailored to your specific industry and offering free marketing consulting during every step of the process.

New Web Design invites potential clients to visit our storefront showroom for individual marketing consulting. You will work side by side with our creative onsite design and marketing specialists in order to develop original marketing plans focused on improving profitability and client retention rates.


• Over 10 Plus Years in the Industry

• A+ with the Better Business Bureau

• Extensive Client Portfolio

• Face-to-Face Consulting

• Custom Coded Website Development

• Mobile Responsive Website Development

• Mobile App Development

• Custom Coded Database Development

• Website Maintenance & Security

• Search Engine Optimization & Maintenance

• Internet Marketing & Advertising

• Social Media Management

• Creative Content Development

• Graphic Design

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Summer isn't the most aggressive marketing season for most companies, but with the right marketing campaign you can capitalize on other companies' vacation time. Here are New Web Design's favorite marketing techniques that are low-cost yet give you the highest boost in profit. Let us do all of the marketing while you enjoy your summer vacation.


Email newsletters are a simple way to remind clients that your services are especially useful this time of the year. Since other companies are not taking marketing as seriously, your advertisements will stand out.

Print mailers are a simple way to remind clients that your services are especially useful this time of the year. Since other companies are not taking marketing as seriously, your advertisements will stand out.

Loyalty programs are a simple way to remind clients that your services are especially useful this time of the year. Since other companies are not taking marketing as seriously, your advertisements will stand out.

As part of our summer promotion, New Web Design is offering free marketing consultations. You will receive custom-tailored professional marketing solutions from an A+ accredited Better Business Bureau company. Call 800 587 5355 or come to our store to learn more about how we will successfully grow your company even during the slowest time of the year.


800 587 5355
174 South Street Morristown, NJ 07960
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8 Signs Of An Incompetent Marketing Company
One of the most common concerns New Web Design hears from new clients is that they had tried to hire another marketing company, only to have the company offer no results after months or even years of work. Most marketing companies aren’t actually competent – or even able to do the work they promise. As a business owner, it’s important to vet out any company associated with your marketing campaign. If a company displays these warning signs, it’s safe to say you will not get the results you are paying for.
1. The company in question has no portfolio. A company should never put blind faith into a marketing group. In order to get an idea of what the company is capable of, you need to see a portfolio. A marketing group that has no portfolio is either a fraud or ashamed of the work they’ve done.
2. They employ outdated techniques. Do their marketing techniques seem outdated, old-fashioned, or downright hackneyed? Marketing techniques that are obsolete, are outdated because they stopped working. If they still worked, they would still be considered modern.
3.  The company’s Better Business Bureau rating is terrible. A company that never delivers what it promises is a company that will almost always have terrible BBB reviews. The more complaints lodged with the BBB, the less likely it is that the company in question will be able to live up to expectations.
4. The company never really says how they are going to get you results. Marketing plans should never be vague. If they can’t come up with a good plan that you can understand, the company in question probably doesn’t know what to it’s supposed to do – or how to explain it. Either way, it’s not a good look.
5. The company ignores the “rules of the internet.” Simply put, any marketing company worth working with will understand the importance of having a modern internet presence.  Modern marketing campaigns will always have elements of Search Engine Optimization, mobile-friendly website layouts, and social media posting campaigns as well.
6. The company has no track record of success. Much like a portfolio, competent marketing companies will want to boast about their track records. A success story is always something that marketing companies will want to discuss with potential clients. If the company refuses to discuss any success stories or fails to offer proof of their success, it’s not a good marketing company.
7. Their appearance of the company’s site, storefront, and employees are all terrible. Marketing is all about selling an image. If the marketing company in question can’t even get its own image together, how can you expect them to do a good job with yours?
8.  You weren’t offered a customized solution for your marketing problems. Marketing is never a “one size fits all” situation. A company that treats it as such doesn’t understand what your company really needs, or is just too lazy to bother with it.
New Web Design’s 13-year track record of success comes from using state-of-the-art internet marketing techniques coupled with strong, image-centric branding campaigns. New Web Design’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau says it all. In an industry that is flooded with marketing companies that are all talk, New Web Design proudly delivers excellent results time after time. 
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Is your business in need of holiday mailers or flyers? Swing by our store front at 174 South Street in Morristown, NJ and check out our portfolio!
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New Web Design wants to help you grow your business with a custom mobile application. Call us at 800 587 5355 and see how you can jump start your companies internet presence and watch your profits sky rocket. One of our knowledgeable representatives will guide you and help you build a state of a art application!

800 587 5355 
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