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#Trump <3 #Putin
“The danger,” she says, “of having these two unhinged, power-hungry men at their respective nuclear buttons cannot be overestimated.”

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GOP support for Trump's "Party of Me" continues to deteriorate.

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Get the presidential candidates to debate important issues of science. So far, they have all refused to have televised debates on the most critical issues we face today.

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Alien life forms are so strange. They can travel trillions of miles to do a fly-by of Earth to check out our strange form of life, but can't seem to manage to stay hidden from a video camera on a space station built by a species that can barely send a probe out of its own solar system..

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How to reduce U.S. gun deaths by 90%

‪#‎Gunlaws‬ ‪#‎guncontrol‬ ‪#‎NRA‬
Do gun laws work? 
Study in Lancet analyzed effectiveness of 25 gun control laws in different U.S. States.
Nine INCREASED the rate of gun deaths, nine DECREASED it.
The rest were neutral. Like me.
3 most effective laws:
1. Universal background checks. Seems it's not a good idea to let convicted felons buy guns legally. Apparently buying them illegally just isn't as easy.
2. Ammunition background checks. Guns just aren't as effective without it.
3. ID requirement for firearms (microstamping or ballistic fingerprinting).
Implement those three across all states and firearm deaths would drop by 90%
Requiring you lock up your gun to keep it away from children? No effect. 
Stand your ground laws? Significantly INCREASES gun deaths.
Of course, this study should be duplicated. The statistics may not work out properly.
But don't these laws make sense, with funding and procedures to make sure the background checks are made properly? And just get rid of the ineffective or counter-productive laws.
I mean, even the NRA should be able to accept that, right?

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#JeffBezos is one of the topics on Sunday night's National Geographic series about #GenX. He's one of the influences on the X generation.

I'm on the program toward the end, making some snarky comment about Bezos.. 
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