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Felix Macdowell
Traveler. Nurse. Travel Nurse.
Traveler. Nurse. Travel Nurse.

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Satori will be the exclusive agency that handles all North, Central and South American patients.

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Awesome cover!

And after a year of seemingly surmounting the insuperable problem of unemployment, I think I've just come full circle. Damn.

Status bullies are pathetic. You know what, I used to care... but not anymore!

" Telling writers to shut up is a sure way to keep them talking."
- James Wolcott 

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Satori World Medical on a serious look at the quality of care overseas and the ability to participate in some of the savings.

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Interesting article .
The truth is you can need to and want to lose weight, get in shape and transform your life until the cows come home but unless your mind is in the game, fully on board, checked in and accounted for, you will not likely achieve the full extent of your goals. In fact, if you don’t transform your mind you’ll likely just give up and surrender.
So, how are you going to do it….how are you going to transform your mind so you can succeed in transforming your body and, in doing so, your life?
I have 4 ways in mind tonight…

You are a piece of meat, I wish I didn't eat!

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Having a hard time in losing weight? Read this article.
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