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Living life on my terms
Living life on my terms

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New company pages for Google+... Are you getting involved or not?

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Nice touch for Halloween...
Happy Halloween and check out our homepage doodle today.

Surprisingly this one actually exists in real life!
Google Halloween Doodle 2011 - Behind the Scenes

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Lovely post from +Chris Brogan - I've been wandering down a few too many quiet roads recently and it only tends to mean you are avoiding something...
The Road I Prefer

I have been thinking a lot about which roads I travel lately, the metaphorical kind. For the last few decades, I've become quite a people pleaser, in the worst sense of that, in an unhealthy sense. I'm working on learning how not to do that. Part of that is avoiding. Avoidance. I try to avoid ucky feelings and conflicts.

I hate arguing. I'm not good at it. I get hurt too simply. I fight back at the wrong times.

But I'm trying to learn. I'm just a learner. Every day, I work on parts and succeed at parts, even when others don't see it. And I get stronger, a little bit at a time, and I make better choices, a few more each day.

I prefer quiet roads. I prefer it when there aren't so many conflicts. But evidently, I'm not choosing the right road, if I want to get to my destination, because selecting only quiet roads means that I'm letting the roads choose where I go, instead of choosing myself.

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Great post and well worth keeping in mind - what's your M.E.D?
Do you ever stop DOING? In my latest post on Problogger I talk about the need for "more white space" - more time to just think and not do. It sounds so easy, but it's pretty tough!

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Great post on good G+ practice
Great post by +John Jantsch on getting the Google+ conversation right. John has been conducting some great research on his G+ profile and shares his results in this post. I like the G+ circles naming guide and LOL'd at John's beer glass reflection pic! :) I do agree with this nugget: "Thoughtful insights, useful videos and valuable how to content is what people share." Love that we have more space to post here on G+!

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Twitter updates!! ;-)
Twitter Introduces Two Features That Organize Content, Helps You Understand Your Social Impact

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Google+ updates!
New! Infinite scrolling in Photos!


Hi, I'm +Roshni Malani and I'm a software engineer on Google+ photos.

Today, we rolled out a feature to view your photo albums more easily in Google+. The feature is called “infinite scroll” and it loads more photos from the album into the webpage as you scroll down. That means no more small page numbers to find, just scroll through all of the amazing photos in your albums. One of my favorite albums to scroll through is +Thomas Hawk's

This is just one of the many ways we are working to improve your photos experience on Google+. Thanks and we look forward to your feedback!

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What do you think? Can you see G+ taking over Facebook? And as a replacement, or a refuge for the less gossip-centric people?
+Arun Shroff just published this list of the reasons why he believes Google+ will beat Facebook in the long run. I've never met Arun, but he and I have both been incredibly active on Google+ since the field test began. I have seen his comments everywhere. I have really grown to respect him. He is very well-read and a great strategic thinker and writer. He is definitely in my top 10 list of best posters and commenters on Google+.

I would suggest the 9th point (and possibly most important point of all) could be that Google may end up with the best developer network. Google seems well positioned to bring the best developers in the world in every industry and field into the Google+ arena. Google's I/O conferences are always a hit. The Android developer community is now around 500,000 strong. I've never seen more anticipation among the developer community than for the Google+ API. And the two guys in charge of Google+ are the perfect people for this. +Vic Gundotra was General Manager of Platform Evangelism at Microsoft. +Bradley Horowitz ran the Yahoo Developer Network when Yahoo did cool things like BOSS and Pipes.

It will be incredible to see hundreds of thousands of innovative applications (and not just games) built on top of Google+. I have wondered how Facebook will respond to the prospect that Google will present a better opportunity for developers. I have seen some hints that Facebook is rethinking things, but I haven't seen any personal outreach yet. Meanwhile, Google's dozens of community managers, developer advocates, and Platform/API developers seem to be everywhere. (Maybe that's because I've got 1,900 Google employees in my Circles. No wonder they seem to be everywhere!)

Arun's post kind of reminds me of my 2005 blog post "7 Reasons Why Google Will Rule The World" which was my attempt six years ago to explain why Google was well-positioned to catch up to Microsoft, which back then had a 6x higher market cap. Now Microsoft's value is only about 10% higher than Googles. (But who knew Apple would surge past both of them!)

With the riots in full force today, witnesses have confirmed that White Hart Lane, home of Tottenham Hotspur, has been set alight, whilst the Emirates Stadium is seemingly untouched.

Police suspect Arsene.

Oh Google+, how I keep neglecting you through my other social media habits!
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