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So apparently there is a shared google docs spreadsheet that is aggregating shared circles. I am now getting added by hundreds of people who don't share my interests. This is a pain, as I am still building circles, I don't want to accidentally ignore someone. So now I am manually verifying each person before I circle them. Are there other brewing-circle people having this problem? The off-topic spam has gone way down, but this is a new annoyance.

Here's the takeaway: if too many people are circling random folks, google+ may go the way of myspace. It takes discerning users to keep the conversation relevant. Noise is not a good thing. I don't think this is Google's fault, but comes from irresponsible users

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1) Apparently university Ave used to be brick cobble stone before they paved right over it. Shame that bit of history is being jackhammered into oblivion to make way for the Light Rail.

2) They have officially laid rail for the LRT. Some day...

Two things:

1) Every time Facebook changes its layout, my circles jump a little bit. This is a good thing. G+ is quickly becoming home to my more serious internet discussions, and fbook is just white noise.

2) Hangouts on mobile seems awesome, but I cant use them. Apparently it thinks I don't have a front-facing camera. G+ must be confused by my Rom, even though the front facing camera works just fine. This is something that either MIUI or Google need to fix.

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I'm setting up my Lessons! Want to learn Bass? I'm your guy. Tell your friends

Kings and Queens at the Doghouse tonight! Be there! We go on at 8:45, The music starts at 7:00!

Alright folks, here's the thing. My super-awesome band is playing a battle of the bands on Wed. Doghouse in Maplewood; 8:45; $5; All-ages. Kings And Queens needs your love!

Anyone need bass lessons? Let me know, I'm looking for students starting in September!

This is so much better than that friendbook face thing
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