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Your Health, Your Way/ Tu Salud, Tu Manera
Your Health, Your Way/ Tu Salud, Tu Manera


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Apples...delicious and sweet (most of them). You see them everywhere but I bet you only eat them on occasion. Why? Who knows, but here are 6 reasons to change that bad habit today!

1) Keep the dentist away! Apples are natural plaque fighters helping you to have whiter healthier teeth!
2) May lower your risk for developing various cancers due to their high flavonol content.
3) Excellent source of soluble fiber to help you lower bad cholesterol, ease diarrhea, constipation, and IBS.
4) Their fiber content will help to improve heart health and control blood sugar (preventing type 2 diabetes),
5) Excellent Detox food! Fiber helps to clear out excessive estrogen in the body and toxins in the liver.
6) Boost your immune system! Apples contain quercetin that studies have shown to have a positive impact immune health.

Learn the best way to add other great superfoods to your diet at and support breast cancer research!
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Here is a youtube video that we at Jazmin Fitness couldn't stop laughing about! But please practice safe gym habits.
1) Stretch before and after exercising.
2) Do not throw equipment
3) Wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
4) ALWAYS perform exercises properly to get the most of your workout!
Don't Be That Guy at the Gym
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Why are avocados soooo amazing?

1) Fiber (we all know what that is for)
2) B Vitamins - Excellent for blood building or people who suffer from anemia
3)Potassium- Counteracts the effects of salt on blood pressure (Hypertension)
4) Vitamin C - Great for Immune health and blood building
5) Omega 3 - Anti-inflammatory properties
6) Vitamin K - Blood coagulation (healthy clotting) and bone building (preventing osteoporosis)
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