Hack Your Home - Installing the Nest Thermostat

Heard recently that these little guys are sold out but +Jeremiah Bostick got his hands on one and shows you how the detailed installation as well as his first impressions. Check it out!

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Nest Thermostat first impressions:

Once the Nest was installed and updated, I set the temp. to 68 degrees and hopped onto my laptop to register for a Nest account. Adding my Nest to my account was incredibly easy. Immediately upon successful registration, the home.nest.com website notified me that there was a Nest Thermostat near me and instructed me to go to the device and choose the option to add it to my account. The Nest screen showed my email address and gave me the option to add it. I pressed the face of the Nest in to confirm and just like that my Nest was added to my account. There was no messing around with MAC addresses or device names. It was utterly simple and uncomplicated. Well done, Nest!

Changing device settings via the internet can be done using desktop browsers or the iOS app. Changes made from my laptop using the Chrome browser were set instantly on the Nest. I emailed Nest support to inquire about an Android app. I was contacted a couple hours later and informed that Nest are working on an Android app and that it is expected to be pushed to the Android market near the end of December. Which brings me to my next point.

My Nest account is not accessible using the default browser on my Android phone. Changing the user agent didn't make any difference. Downloading and installing a 3rd party browser is the only way to access my account from my phone. The browsers that work: Firefox mobile and Opera mobile. The browsers that do not work: Android, Dolphin, and Skyfire. I emailed Nest support about this and was informed that the Nest account only works with desktop browsers and the iPhone browser.

My euphoria with everything involving the Nest came screeching to a halt. How does a company that put so much effort and thought into the design and UI of this device make such a huge blunder? I am not a web designer so I don't really understand how this could happen. To me, the end user, it seems like a choice was made to not support the Android browser. To my knowledge, the iOS browser isn't more capable at displaying websites than the Android browser. After all, both browsers are based on WebKit. Bad form, Nest. Bad form.

Interestingly, my Xoom tablet displays my Nest account just fine. Then again the Honeycomb browser closely resembles the Chrome desktop browser.

-easy installation
-built-in level
-simple device setup
-extremely easy to add device to Nest account
-remote management via internet
-device UI is simple and intuitive
-different size mounting brackets are included for installations like mine where the Nest is too small to cover holes or odd paint colors behind the previous thermostat installation.

-no Android phone browser support
-device launched with iOS app but no Android app

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