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Join #MakerCamp  for Field Trip Friday with +Ford Motor Company!
Today Maker Camp is visiting +Ford Motor Company at the Ford Innovation Lab which includes the driving simulator. We'll also have The Viper team sharing their home built flight simulator inspired from Battlestar Galactica.

MAKE . is hanging out with 4 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairNick Raymond, gillian benary, Henry Ford, and Sam Derose
Field Trip Friday with Ford Innovation Lab and The Viper Team
Make: and 4 others participated
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Open Hardware Exploration Under The Sea
life can be better down where it's wetter

Found via +Tim O'Reilly...

"Like what I'm seeing of +OpenROV Seems like a very interesting project - DIY platform for undersea exploration.  The maker movement at its best."
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I might have some pictures ...
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Knit Night - Come Knit With +Yarn Mountain

This is a great example of how communities are forming and bonding on Google+. If you'd like to participate in this knitting Hangout On Air you should add +Yarn Mountain to your circles and they'll invite you in this evening (and to their future events). Bring your knitting projects and tune in as they perform demos!
Tonight is our Open Knit Night ON AIR Hangout! The shop will be open until 8pm, and we'll be online from 7-8pm EST, hanging out and talking about our New Zealand collection of exotic fibers. We're offering 25% off of your entire purchase(in stock items only)  for all participants through midnight tonight.  The discount code is shared with our Circles on our page, but if you're new, we'll share it again during the #Hangout  tonight.  

The Hangout is "invitation only" to keep out spam, so we are limited to 10 interactive spots.  All others can view the demonstration LIVE, and jump in if a spot opens up.  

See you tonight!

+Yarn Mountain 
#hangout   #onairhangouts   #knit   #knitting   #yarn   #ravelry   #stitches   #handmade  
#crochet   #crafts   #wool   #onair   #harrisonburgva   #harrisonburg   #virginia  
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Floating Gardens
make your house look like it has flying plants!

Found via +Thomas Morffew and

“As the centrepoint of the plant keeps changing,” says the string gardener, “the plants grow in a way that makes them look more powerfull and like they are floating in mid air."

The string gardens are meant to be viewed at eye level. Some of the plants are covered with moss and placed in a bowl, others are woven into horizontal nets wich are coverd with moss, clover and grass. Some float in their environments alone, some are grouped with others creating a sort of horticultural symphony. They are undeniably gorgeous in their zen quality. On a practical note: the gardens are irrigated in different ways. Some have built-in glass resevoirs. Others have an artificial root made from different kinds of moss which transports the water to the ball, others a dripping system that keeps keeps the containing net consistently wet. The majority of the plants need watering every three days to stay adequately saturated.

#handmade #diy #gardening #urbangardening #homedecorating
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Neobicno i lepo.
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Have You Ever Wanted To Take The Perfect Panoramic Shot?
scanning with cam in hand just doesn't do it

+Nikola Totuhov shows you how with his DIY project.

#handmade #diy
Not long ago I released the new version of my ( website. You can read in depth about the release here ( Somewhere in this post I promised to share images from my hand-made panoramic head with which I started my project, so here it is, detailed photos of it.

Now if anyone of you want sketches or the materials I used to make it, you can simply leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I will forward try my best to respond as soon as possible.

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I shoot all mine hand held.
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Featured Maker +JR Stoner
any luthiers in the house?

Excited to have found +JR Stoner in the G+ community. His craft feels old world, but his custom treatments, style, and the fact that he shares it all on G+ shows just how contemporary he is. We'd love to see more artists out there who are making their own musical instruments!

#handmade #make
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Hey thank you all for your generous commendation. I will soon begin offering two additional models after the dreadnought, a OM and a 00. If you know anyone wanting to get involved with a custom handbuilt guitar send them my way. 
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Have them in circles
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Want To Learn About Robotics?
gear up!

Then you should be following +Annika O'Brien who works at the USC Robotics Research Labs and hosts Hangouts about robotics (she also posts really neat stuff). Check out her profile and her upcoming Hangout today to learn more about what she's up to.

#diy   #handmade  
Yesterday after flying Quadcopters, +sireesh adimadhyam and I water-tested the Autonomous Aquatic Vehicle components we've been working on. Today, we will be at Motion Picture Marine, joined by +David Grober, +Tatiana Kichkaylo, and +Axel Lottel putting some more complete designs together before we have to pack everything up for AUVSI-DARPA Conference in Norfolk, VA. next week.

Here's the blog, if you're interested in following:

Today around noon I will be in Hangouts working on sensors and motors, soldering and uploading code. I'll try to post a blog with documentation, schematics and photos within a couple of weeks. :) +LA Robotics Club +STEM Women on G+ +DARPA
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It needs some solar panels!
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How Do You Pour Your Tea?
obviously with gravity as the main ingredient

Discovered this video through local Bay Area company Fox and Moon Tea. When handmaking tea, this certainly beats a matcha whisk.

#handmade   #tea   #diy   #travelstories  
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+Michelle Marie Thanks - just noticed a typo in there too ;)
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The Stone Age in Switzerland
glad we've evolved past this, or have we?

Found via +Cristian Lorenzutti

#science #evolution #Archaeology #Paleontology #diy #handmade
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Lol as an archaeologist I love this, don't need it but want it!!!!
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Tools For the DIY Geek
simplicity over complexity

Found via +Peter Smalley. What other fun shortcuts could we do? Maybe a camera could be CMD - SHIFT - 4 for screenshot?

#diy #handmade
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Exciting Maker News!
she's got the world in her maker hands

What do you think of the news that Maker Faire has expanded into a country that is known for it's commercially made goods? Do you think the DIY movement will create a cultural shift for the culture or for microcommunities in China? We're a big fan of Maker Faire and will be attending the SF Bay Area one in May! Would love to meet-up!

#makerfaire #make #DIY #handmade
Eric Pan, the founder and CEO of Seeed Technology and co-founder of Chaihuo makerspace, describes himself an Open Source Hardware Facilitator. Not surprising, then, that…
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MAKEs going global
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Tablet For One!
a trusty stand for your tech

Sure sure, you can purchase these babies online via or you could be crafty and make your own!

#handmade #woodwork #wood #tablet
Really love these Blöct Tablet Stands made from glued laminated fir ... a great natural complement to otherwise very glassy and smooth industrial artefacts!

They happen to also be on sale on Fab:

Blöct Model A Tablet Stand: *Blöct Model B Tablet Stand*:

From Jay Dokken:

#design #industrialdesign #ipad #tablet #deal
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As long as you get them pretty close to lined up a belt sander will make quick work of it. There's also always a cheaper door planer if you need to take off a lot of material, but you'll still need a good sander to smooth things out when you're done with that.
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