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Join a Supportive Crocheting Community On Google+
yay new friends

Have you been looking for a group of kind folk to help you complete your projects and cheer you on? Then look no further than +Madeline Muñoz-Bustamante's +Crochet Along on Google+ community!

#DIY   #Crochet  
Here are the photos I took while working the second strand of the cable of the #octCAL project. I honestly don't know if it will help but at least it'll give you a visual of what it looks like when it's right.
+Madeline Muñoz-Bustamante 
#OctCAL Cable Second Strand (14 photos)
14 Photos - View album

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Cozy Brains - Up For Grabs!

It's been awhile since we posted, and thought this cozy knit beanie would be just the thing to perk up your spirits now that we're heading into Autumn. You'll be hearing more from the Handmade Team soon - thanks for sticking with us!

#diy   #ravelry   #knit   #beanies   #winterwear  
I've gotten permission to make and sell these. I haven't made any of them yet, I'm waiting on supplies to arrive. The first one is already spoken for but I'm sure I'll be making more, especially if I see interest in it :)

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Join #MakerCamp  for Field Trip Friday with +Ford Motor Company!
Today Maker Camp is visiting +Ford Motor Company at the Ford Innovation Lab which includes the driving simulator. We'll also have The Viper team sharing their home built flight simulator inspired from Battlestar Galactica.

MAKE . is hanging out with 4 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairNick Raymond, gillian benary, Henry Ford, and Sam Derose

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Maker Camp - Virtual Summer Camp On Google+
Starts July 16th!

For more details you should circle +MAKE and check out the website This is a chance for teens everywhere to get involved with +MAKE Magazine as they engage campers around cool projects with rad counselors. Parents and teens will also get to enjoy "Field Trip Fridays" all from the comfort of your backyard, or couch.

#makercamp   #diy   #handmade   #parenting  

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Want To Learn About Robotics?
gear up!

Then you should be following +Annika O'Brien who works at the USC Robotics Research Labs and hosts Hangouts about robotics (she also posts really neat stuff). Check out her profile and her upcoming Hangout today to learn more about what she's up to.

#diy   #handmade  
Yesterday after flying Quadcopters, +sireesh adimadhyam and I water-tested the Autonomous Aquatic Vehicle components we've been working on. Today, we will be at Motion Picture Marine, joined by +David Grober, +Tatiana Kichkaylo, and +Axel Lottel putting some more complete designs together before we have to pack everything up for AUVSI-DARPA Conference in Norfolk, VA. next week.

Here's the blog, if you're interested in following:

Today around noon I will be in Hangouts working on sensors and motors, soldering and uploading code. I'll try to post a blog with documentation, schematics and photos within a couple of weeks. :) +LA Robotics Club +STEM Women on G+ +DARPA

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Open Hardware Exploration Under The Sea
life can be better down where it's wetter

Found via +Tim O'Reilly...

"Like what I'm seeing of +OpenROV Seems like a very interesting project - DIY platform for undersea exploration.  The maker movement at its best."

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How Do You Pour Your Tea?
obviously with gravity as the main ingredient

Discovered this video through local Bay Area company Fox and Moon Tea. When handmaking tea, this certainly beats a matcha whisk.

#handmade   #tea   #diy   #travelstories  

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Knit Night - Come Knit With +Yarn Mountain

This is a great example of how communities are forming and bonding on Google+. If you'd like to participate in this knitting Hangout On Air you should add +Yarn Mountain to your circles and they'll invite you in this evening (and to their future events). Bring your knitting projects and tune in as they perform demos!
Tonight is our Open Knit Night ON AIR Hangout! The shop will be open until 8pm, and we'll be online from 7-8pm EST, hanging out and talking about our New Zealand collection of exotic fibers. We're offering 25% off of your entire purchase(in stock items only)  for all participants through midnight tonight.  The discount code is shared with our Circles on our page, but if you're new, we'll share it again during the #Hangout  tonight.  

The Hangout is "invitation only" to keep out spam, so we are limited to 10 interactive spots.  All others can view the demonstration LIVE, and jump in if a spot opens up.  

See you tonight!

+Yarn Mountain 
#hangout   #onairhangouts   #knit   #knitting   #yarn   #ravelry   #stitches   #handmade  
#crochet   #crafts   #wool   #onair   #harrisonburgva   #harrisonburg   #virginia  

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DIY Bike Hanger
clever clever

Thanks to +Paul Ho for tipping us off about this easy way to hang your bike. Pick parts up at your local bike shop or perhaps junkyard.

Full instructions available at:

#diy #make #bicycleculture #bicycles #handmade
DIY Bike Hanger
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The Stone Age in Switzerland
glad we've evolved past this, or have we?

Found via +Cristian Lorenzutti

#science #evolution #Archaeology #Paleontology #diy #handmade
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