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Three Tips to Create Fireworks With Your Customers on July Fourth
We've all heard about the spark that people feel when they fall in love. We want your customers to feel that spark when they're purchasing a car from you. Nix that. We want them to feel fireworks — and not just measly sparklers. We want your customers to fe...

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How Your Dealership Can Catch Quality Leads This Summer
Author A.K Best once said, "The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad." This is a struggle anglers and marketers have in common. Sometimes avid fishermen purchase top-quality bait but don't catch a single fish, and sometimes marketers invest he...

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Sales Managers Quiz: Should You Download Our New App?
We recently launched our new Call Rescue Callbright app in the Google Play and iTunes app  stores, and we've come up with a little quiz to help you decide if you should download it. Keep track of your answers so you can tally them up at the end! 1. As a man...

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BIA/Kelsey Report: Phone Calls Are the New Click
BIA/Kelsey recently published a report  that explains how awesome phone calls are for generating and converting leads, and we're going on record to say we totally agree! The report has some great research, so we're going to give you the lowdown and give you...

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Driving Customers to Your Dealership the Right Way
Courtesy of Beach House Graphics So you're thinking about having a contest to bring more traffic into your dealership. This is a rather common tactic, but if it's not executed properly, contests can make car shoppers more likely to run for the hills than th...

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Driving Customers to Your Dealership The Right Way

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Three Direct Mail Lead Management Tips for New-Vehicle Dealers
Despite the role of technology in today's marketing, a study by eMarketer shows that traditional methods like direct mail don't need to be traded in. (Who'da thunk it?) If you want to prompt leads to start researching new vehicles , give your hottest new ve...

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Who All Seen the Lead, Say Yeah!
A few years ago Mobile, AL got its 15 minutes of fame when a local news station shot a story about  a leprechaun sighting . The leprechaun conveniently only came out at night and disappeared if a light was shined in its direction, but that didn't prevent so...
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