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I am a nice guy.

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Even if you sin by social media, you're not on your way to Hell because sacrament meeting is when you confess of your sins.

Avoid the details in church to prevent emotional blackmail.

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It's time to make America great again by building and restoring trust with Russia.


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1–9, The use of wine, strong drinks, tobacco, and hot drinks is proscribed; 10–17, Herbs, fruits, flesh, and grain are ordained for the use of man and of animals; 18–21, Obedience to gospel law, including the Word of Wisdom, brings temporal and spiritual blessings.

Note that D&C 89 mentions only hot drinks, but the elders say that coffee and tea are forbidden. That implies that cold drinks made from coffee and tea are not proscribed by D&C 89. Yet the elders say NO, if a man drank a frappe or iced tea, he violates the WoW.

I say, "if the drink is cold, it does not matter if it contains coffee or tea. What matters more is if an LDS member drinks a lot of frappe or iced tea: cold drinks are also harmful in excess.

It is habit that leads to addiction that is proscribed, not coffee or tea.

With the advent of the means of mass communication and transportation, the world has become a large village. In such a village, unfortunately, it has become easier to influence people, bringing to the fore the power and importance of the media. Once again, unfortunately, in many parts of the world, including Turkey, there have been attempts by the media recently to portray Islam as a religion of terror. In response to this lack of awareness about what Islam is—i.e., this ignorance (and unwillingness to learn as well) on behalf of the media and other influential organizations, which to some extent arises from nothing less than the evil intentions of those who disseminate it and in part due to the fact that Muslims have not been able to represent and introduce Islam in the way that it should have been, it is the duty of the Muslims, once again, to communicate the truth. - Fethullah Gülen, Islam as the Religion of Peace and Tolerance

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Let the People continue to have intrigues and vendettas
against the State, for the People have the right to remain free
of corporate propaganda and of political propaganda
used to divide and conquer them - in film, at least. ;)

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Israel's air strike on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights killed 12 Hezbollah and Iranian operatives, including a general.

In response, Assad has suggested that Israel operates as Al-Qaeda’s air force.  Israel is solely focusing on Hezbollah and Iranian operative while Israeli officers have been recently spotted chatting with Islamic State militia...

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~ It's Not The Koran, It's Us ~

The Corporate Media Chorus Willfully Ignores That U.S. Actions Fuels Jihad, Not Islam

For a brief time after the 9/11 terror attacks, Americans could be heard asking the reasonable question: Why do these men from Middle Eastern countries (back then, mostly Saudis) hate us so much that they would give their own lives to cause us pain? Within a few weeks, the official explanation became: They hate us for our freedom, end of story.

When you follow the money, it is easy to understand why the government avoided any honest discussion of the causes of terrorism. By one estimate, U.S. taxpayers have squandered $10 trillion over four decades to protect the flow of oil on behalf of multinational corporations. The result is an empire of U.S. military bases which have garrisoned the Greater Middle East. In the Persian Gulf alone, the United States has bases in every country save Iran.

These bases support repressive, undemocratic regimes, and act as staging grounds to launch wars, interventions and drone strikes. And they generate tremendous profits for defense contractors.

The existence of these bases helps generate radicalism, anti-American sentiment and terrorist attacks. The drone attacks have incited even more hatred for us, which should come as little surprise.

The U.S. uses drones to incinerate suspected militants (and anyone else in the vicinity) on secret evidence, but only if they are living in Muslim nations like Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq or Somalia. We don’t fly killer drones over dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit or Chicago, or in Iguala, Mexico, where 43 students were recently massacred by gang members aided by corrupt police.

The fact that our misguided foreign policy creates terrorism is almost never discussed in polite society.

There is of course no justification for a terror attack on innocents. But if our leaders truly cared as much about protecting Americans from terror as they do about protecting corporate profits, they would have an honest discussion of what’s prompting the violence.

The truth is that nearly every terror attack or threat to America by an Islamic extremist can be directly linked to “blowback” from our ventures in the Middle East.

Osama bin Laden cited the presence of U.S. troops on Saudi holy land as a motivation for the 9/11 attacks. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev said the Boston marathon bombing was “retribution for the U.S. crimes against Muslims in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.” Faisal Shahzad said his attempted bombing in Times Square was “retaliation for U.S. drone attacks” in Pakistan, which he had personally witnessed. The underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, said that his attempt to blow up a U.S. airliner bound for Detroit was revenge for U.S. attacks on Muslims. Last month in Chicago, a teenager was arrested attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS. He explained in a letter to his parents that he was upset that he was obligated to pay taxes that would be used to kill his Muslim brothers and sisters overseas. But when the Chicago Tribune told the story, it left this fact out, instead reporting that the teen had complained about the immorality of Western society.

And long before the Senate released its damning torture report, Al Qaeda and ISIS were using accounts of U.S. torture as a recruiting tool.

The truth about what is radicalizing Muslims to hate the West is rarely discussed in the mainstream press or in political debate. Instead, we are told by corporate-funded terror experts like the Brookings Institution’s William McCants and the Aspen Institute’s Frances Townsend that Islam is the origin of radical ideology. Anti-American jihadis supposedly learn to hate by reading the Koran and going to mosques. So one-sided is the discussion that even Bill Maher, a prominent liberal, has publicly described Islam as the “one religion in the world that kills you when you disagree with them.”

With the launch of our latest multi-billion-dollar war in Iraq and Syria, the United States has now bombed at least 13 countries in the Greater Middle East since 1980.

A UN report suggests that Washington’s latest air campaign against ISIS has led foreign militants to join the movement on “an unprecedented scale.”

This time, the terror experts haven’t bothered to pretend that we have a coherent plan or any chance of improving the dire situation in those countries. Still, they agree that ISIS militants’ anti-U.S. hatred originates with their Islamic faith and is unrelated to any U.S. actions.

As the novelist Upton Sinclair once observed: It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.

By Leonard C. Goodman
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In this casue, the rights of a rape victim trumps the rights of a man who only superficially resembles her rapist.

Where is the justice in that?
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