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Omija Pittman
"My dreams are an index to my greatness"
"My dreams are an index to my greatness"
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The weather here has been wonderful today. Almost forgot that it was January.

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Checkout my latest progress on Phonechievements on my online profile at

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Ebay(acer official store on ebay) has refurb Chromebook 11.6" for 129.99. Might be the right entry level price for those considering. 

Any of you guys play fantasy football? How about a Nerd Herd League? Thoughts?

Totally unrelated. Any cooks in here?

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Ok people. Don't know if you guys send alot of faxes but I need to on a semi-regular basis. I have files on my computer(dropbox, Google drive) that I need to send when a digital copy just won't do. These apps I am about to list help me tremendously so I thought I would share the wealth. They should be hyperlinked to the google play store. Not sure if they are on the iphone. Let's begin shall we. 

1. Files Anywhere  use the app to create a free account to fax pages anywhere(send only for free). Works great for me id=com.geniteam.filesanywhere&hl=en 

2. Fill and Sign PDF great app to have if you have a fillable form that needs to be done o the go. It will even allow you to catch a signature with your screen. It prefers forms created with Adobe but plays with others as well. 

These are the two I use the most. Hope they help some of you. 

It ashame that some on my coworkers can't realize that they very thing they don't want, they are driving straight into. I realize that a high wage is nice to have but you can, should, and must not price yourself out of a job. #Donttreadonme  

Loving the new album so far. Got it for free yesterday from Sammy. Anyone else heard it yet? #jayzmagnacarta  

OK, I've made the full departure from windows based computing. I've just finished formatting my new lappy from Windows 8 to Mint Olivia. So far, so good. I've toyed with dual boot for years. I am trying to commit to a full 30 day trial and see how it goes. 
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