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Fermi's Path - Arcade Game
Fermi's Path - Arcade Game

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Hi guys! Some good news: Fermi's Path will be available on Xbox One during summer 2015 in USA and Canada via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program!

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Dear Players,
Fermi's Path is now available as a FREE DEMO VERSION on Steam:

The demo version contains the complete first 3 Levels of the game – so each player can test the game easily before they decide to get the full version.

The full version offers many additional features such as an Infinity-mode, a level editor and popular Steam Community features.

We wish you lots of fun!

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Dear Players!

Finally, the moment has come! Fermi's Path is available on Steam!

Over the next days we will fix some minor bugs and finish works on the level editor.

If something should not work please post it directly to the Community HUB.

We wish you lots of fun with Fermi's Path. We look forward to your reviews.
The Fermi's Path Team

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Check out our new trailer! #arcade #game #unity3d  

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Fermi's Path weekly Devblog 8

Music and Soundtrack

Fermi's Path is all about music! The game features a wide range of different music tracks. Every track determines Fermi's speed and the rhythm of a level. Precision and sense of tact are the key to success.

To achieve accuracy, the game system perfectly adjusts every level to the speed of the current music track. As a result every single game object is accurately synchronized with a beat.

The same system will help players in creating beat-accurate custom levels which will feel like naturally woven into the music.
Do you have the rhythm in your blood? Fermi's music driven Path can also be challenged with a dance pad or similar input devices!

As always don't forget to also check out our social media channels to grab all new information about Fermi's Path!
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Fermi's Path weekly Devblog 7

Level Objects #2: Gates and the secret paths

On his rush across the subatomic path Fermi might encounter hidden, sometimes hard to reach, black holes – so-called Gates.

Every Gate is a connection to a secret path that contains even more points but also dangers!

If Fermi manages to find and complete the secret path he is transported back to the regular path to continue his journey from the point he left. In addition to the collectibles hidden behind a Gate, the player is rewarded with a batch of bonus points for every completion of a secret path.

Fermi's Path closed beta launched last week! Would you like to check out player impressions and opinions surrounding the game? Keep yourself posted on our social media channels!
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Fermi's Path weekly Devblog 6

Enemies #2: More Hazards

Alongside the enemy particles we already introduced, even more dangerous obstacles await Fermi on his travels!

The Stomper is a static particle that is stationed on one side of the path. It opens and closes in certain time intervals, switching between blocking and clearing the way. Players have to anticipate the right moment to slip through! Different combinations of placement and interval lengths pose an adrenaline induced challenge in the heat of the beat rush!

Another common foe is the so called Collider. Just like Fermi this speedy particle travels across the subatomic path with the difference that it moves into the opposite direction – directly approaching Fermi! As its name suggests this enemy is all about destructive collision. Fermi's only option is to avoid it before it impacts!

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The LHC particle accelerator in CERN continues operating this month.

Suitably the Closed Beta of „Fermi's Path“ launches today!

While scientists look for new particles, you jump into the role of the subatomic particle Fermi on his journey across the energetic path.

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Fermi's Path weekly Devblog 5

Collectibles #2: Defense & Combat
Last week we talked about the first batch of different enemy types that endanger Fermi's journey. Entangled in the battle of particles, Fermi has to look out for his energy!

Fortunately there are different collectibles that increase Fermi's survivability. Energy charges that reload his hit points are found on many levels. More rare but still hidden in some sections are Shield charges that grant invincibility for a short amount of time.

There are also offensive tools that can be utilized. Fermi has a weapon at his disposal that can temporarily be improved with different kinds of Weapon Upgrades hidden on the path. Those upgrades allow Fermi to use more potent shooting behaviors for a limited amount of shots. The Burst Upgrade for example allows him to shoot 3 quick, consecutive shots instead of only one.
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