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お月ちゃまが喋り出してみた。 「ぐばぐちぽこぱく」 しかし誰にも理解してもらえなかった。
お月ちゃまが喋り出してみた。 「ぐばぐちぽこぱく」 しかし誰にも理解してもらえなかった。

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Holy crap, Save the Date is off to Indiecade! (The Sundance of indie games!) Congrats Chris!

The new Wolverine movie has a character called Silver Samurai. I thought the reviews I was reading were making typos, but no, his official canonical name is "Kenuichio Harada".

Tyson at least should find that amusing.

Project X Zone for 3DS, in stores today! Strategy-RPG that features Namco, Capcom, and Sega characters all hanging out and punching each other.

I got to polish up the English script! Time to see if the internet-public finds my jokes as funny as I do. So far the reviews are surprisingly good!

I'm just happy that I got to write dialogue for Space Channel 5's Ulala. My life is complete.

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Chris just made a game! He does that sometimes. It's really good and it's about dinner and it's free and you should play it! And tell your friends.

Had a dream that my house was invaded at two in the morning by a swarm of old people. 911 promised that help was on the way and urged me to stay calm. I was like, "Well, they're not threatening, per se. They're convivial and they even brought mashed potatoes. But... I don't want them here."

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Glenn Beck's new angle: "And what's with all these nutty conspiracy theories!? Doesn't it suggest to you... that there might be a sinister cabal conspiring to propagate them for their own nefarious ends???"

I'm not even kidding. It's... It's a thing of beauty.

All right, I done went and ordered myself a Galaxy S 4. Time to join the modern world.

Let's learn #Japanese!

Racism: 人種主義
Alcoholism: アルコール主義
Botulism: ボツリヌス菌主義
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