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Enterprise; Company; Circular Economy; New Material; Quartz Stone; Healthcare; International Trade; Rare Earth; Glass Material; Equipment-Making
Enterprise; Company; Circular Economy; New Material; Quartz Stone; Healthcare; International Trade; Rare Earth; Glass Material; Equipment-Making


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MG GLOBAL company visites and signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement in Australia

July 15th 2014, MG GLOBAL company made an on-site visit with loyalty Enterprise Development (Xinyang) Co., Ltd.(hereafter called loyalty Enterprise ) , satisfied with the quality of our quartz surfaces, business philosophy, humanistic feelings etc and then signed the exclusive distribution agreement in Australia with LOYALTY ENTERPRISES.
Outside, a warm breeze blows, and the sun is shining. loyalty Enterprise ushered in Mr Tony and his group, as the representative of MG GLOBAL company. They were deeply shocked by our Wall of Honor, particularly the GMC certification, as the outstanding manufacturers In China,” It definitely Reflects the Company strength” Mr Tony said.

MG GLOBAL company visited loyalty Enterprise quartz surfaces production workshop,led by Mr. Hu ,Chairman of loyalty Enterprise .L&E Quartz surfaces which incorporates with world leading Italian technology and production equipment of artificial stone. No pollution, no radiation, L&E quartz surfaces is a new generation of environmentally friendly alternative to natural stone products.
The spectacular Chinese red factory, clean and orderly plant layout, displaying of various finished plates, Digital automation control system,and so on, once ignited the interest of Australian MG GLOBAL Company.

Through the quartz surfaces production workshop, arrived product research and development center and raw materials or finished product testing laboratory.L&E quartz surfaces holds on exploring the most ecology material,to initiate a new era of stones .

When asked about the quartz raw materials, Chairman Mr. Hu unknowingly smiled, then introduced that loyalty Enterprise not only produced quartz surfaces, but also independently supplied quartz raw material,which located in the natural quartz raw material base in China- Xinyang Production Base. Selecting ores, manual sorting and classification,and autonomous supply of raw materials, to the greatest extent ,ensures the quality of product , raises product competitiveness in the market." Mr. Hu said.

MG GLOBAL company satisfied with the quality of product and superior design capability,again expressed its confidence and determination to expand the Australian market as Exclusive Distributor.
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2013 Guangzhou International Design Week will grandly begin in December

        After seven years of efforts, 2013 Guangzhou International Design Week will grandly begin at Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall from 6th to 8th, December. The 8th Guangzhou International Design Week with academic, commercial and international characteristics is becoming the most dynamic interaction business platform for international design industry in China even Asia.
“"Turnkey" ”innovative experience
      2013 Guangzhou International Design Week Exhibition is consisted of “Furnishings Asia (FA) ” and “ D+B(Design+Brand)Exhibition”. More than 300 famous design, furnishings and material brand enterprises from Italy, the United States, the Netherlands and China will take part in this exhibition, and more than a hundred new varieties will be released together. Due to the sweeping changes in the modes and contents of the exhibition planning, the incoming 2013 Guangzhou International Design Week becomes highly anticipated.
       The pioneered "turnkey" concept overturns the traditional mode of participating in exhibition and renovates the experience of visiting the exhibition. “Turnkey” booth means that the exhibitors will take part in the exhibition with “zero” cost, and no long pay extra costs for booth planning and construction; they will communicate with professional audience in a new way based on the unified design philosophy of exhibition arrangement and attentive service. It is reported that the hall where the “Turnkey” booth is located is inspired by the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. The traditional booth channels will make revolutionary changes functionally, and transform into the lounge for exhibitors to meet and communicate with audience. The audience can visit the exhibition just like attending the party.
Two exhibitions are distinctive and eye-catching.
       Marketing director from Guangzhou International Design Week Mr. He Wenguang expressed, the structure and contents of Guangzhou International Design Week Exhibitors will change dramatically this year. “Furnishings Asia (FA)” which is firstly planned with American InDesign Media Group for exhibition wins the favor of international markets based on the accurate positioning. Major international brands take “Furnishings Asia (FA)” as an entry point to search for Chinese partners and march into Chinese markets; this also becomes a significant characteristic of exhibitors from “Furnishings Asia (FA)” this year.
      In D + B (Design + Brand) Exhibition, 254 famous design and industrial relevant agencies and materials brands at home and broad participate in the exhibition; and more than 50% new varieties and new products will be launched. For instance, the light-source materials are as thin as paper, and able to be folded and cut arbitrarily; glass can be customized into stone materials, wood floor and any decorative patterns as you design; the top floor tiles made from fine copper; and all-weather outdoor living space with one-touch control, etc.
Three major hot events are held concurrently
        The concurrent events of this annual design week exhibition attach more importance to practicability and value, and stress on bringing the most effective information, trend and inspiration of thought to the participants. “2013 Jintang Award Grand Ceremony”, “2013 Professional Annual Conference for China Business and Tourism Real Estate”, “2014-2015 Furnishings Asia (FA) Trend Press”, “CDA Grand Ceremony” and many other theme forums constitute the concurrent events. Jintang Award Grand Ceremony is one of the important concurrent events for Guangzhou International Design Week.
         Jintang Award is not only a significant professional campaign in the interior design circle; on this basis, it contains many comprehensive contents of public welfare, including the annual tour promotion, international exchange, professional seminars, exhibition and presentation; in every December, Jintang Award Grand Ceremony becomes the annual comprehensive demonstration and communication platform in China’s interior design circle. “2013 Professional Annual Conference of China’s Business and Tourism Real Estate” takes design as the breakthrough and invites the owners and designers with the great leadership in China to participate in the interaction, and establishes multi-party platform and cooperative opportunities based on holding three themed conferences, including model room, commercial space, 2014 trend prospect and tourism culture real estate. 2014-2015 Furnishings Asia (FA) Design Trend Press will provide the professional, comprehensive and accurate analysis and prediction for designers, manufacturers, distributors, sourcing consultants and media, and provide the authoritative reference and inspiration for the business and design orientation in the industry.
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2014 CoveringsLas Vegas Stone FairCeramic Tiles FairLas Vegas Ceramic Tiles Fair

【Other names of the Fair】
2014 Coverings, Las Vegas Stone Fair, American Stone Fair, American Ceramic Tiles Fair, Las Vegas Ceramic Tiles Fair

【Scope of exhibits】
All kinds of ceramic tiles, marbles, granites; countertop; imitated natural stone products, such as microlite; Mosaic; artificial stones; bamboo flooring and other floorings; aluminum-plastic composite plates; diamond tools; stone-processing abrasives and tools; small instruments; stone-quality testing equipment; adhesives for stone decoration and construction, stone-processing machines; stone mining machines; stone transportation and hoisting equipment, etc.

COVERINGS is the largest and professional international trade fair of stone materials and ceramic tiles at present in the United State, and held once a year. At present, COVERNINGS is held in Orlando, Atlanta, and Las Vegas alternately, and aimed to expand the radiation to the whole U.S. markets. In 2014, Coverings will be held at Las Vegas at in the western United States, so as to expand the influence on the Midwest of the United States.

       For COVERINGS in 2013, the Fair covered an area of more than 300,000 square meters; more than 800 trading companies and manufacturers from all over the world took part in the Fair, and the exhibitors outside the United States were mainly from Italy, Spain, China, Brazil, Turkey, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Israel, India, Argentina, Colombia and other countries. The visitors were involved with the import and export traders, distributors, designers, architects, retailers and wholesalers; the number of audience was up to 22,000, and increased by 5% in comparison with that in 2012; and the transaction achieved good results. Relative to 2012, among the visitors in 2013, the manufacturers rose by 69%, the agents increased by 16%, and the builders increased by 26% more than that in 2012. Most of visitors have absolute decision-making power for purchase; at present, U.S. economy is still in recovery. A lot of architectural decoration projects need for stones and ceramic tiles; in particular, the latest design of ceramic tiles and stones has always been the hot spot in the industry. 85% of the exhibitors and 90% of buyers make returns on investment, and they think that COVERINGS is very useful. They said that they would continue to attend COVERINGS in 2014.

      In order to meet the corporate needs for participation, expand the China’s trade with U.S. on the decorative building materials for walls and floorings (such as the stone materials and ceramic tiles) and improve the competitiveness of related industries in China, Valued Show will continuously organize the delegations to participate in Coverings 2014. As the first China’s unit to attend Coverings in groups, Valued Show has successfully organized Chinese enterprises to attend the Coverings in consecutive 11 years, and achieved better results in participation. In 2013, there were a total of 58 booths for Valued Show’s in-group participation and covered an area of 5,800 square meters. The scale ranked first in the exhibitors from China Pavilion, and the buyers who came to discuss were in an endless stream.
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The 14th China Xiamen International Stone Fair will be held at Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 6th to 9th 2014. The Fair covers an area of about 164,000 square meters, and contains 8,600 international standard booths; the organizing committee cordially invites the new and old friends to compose the new glorious chapter together!

Industry trends take the lead in the publishing platform
       The World Stone Conference will focus on the themes (including the development status and trend of stone industry, the stone design and application, new product release, new technology of machinery and manufacturing, investment and cooperation of mining resources, environmental protection) and create a series of professional forums and lectures with rich and colorful contents. Here is not only a professional stone trade platform, but also the center of first-hand industry information. The elites in stone industry all over the world exchange their cutting-edge ideas in heated discussion, collect the new ideas for the development of world stone industry, look ahead and lead the new development direction for the world stone industry.
The best services promote the brand development
      Under the dual drive of the market demand and international influence, the internationalization and brand influence of China Xiamen International Stone Fair keeps rising; it has become an “unstoppable” grand stone event! In this international stage, the exhibitors establish the most beautiful reception center to welcome the guests at home and abroad. Xiamen Stone Fair will concentrate on providing better, more professional and elaborate services for a large number of exhibitors and customers, helping the exhibitors do well in the reception and promoting the sustainable development of brand internationalization and specialization for both parties.
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Loyalty Enterprise Development (Xinyang) Co., Ltd., a company registered under Loyalty Enterprises Group, is a large Quartz Stone producing company that integrates R&D, manufacturing, processing, sales and services into its business model. Currently the company owns several world-class quartz stone slate production line, and, with its location near China’s most splendid natural sources for quartz stone and the help of its internationally advanced equipment, the company is able to manufacture scientifically produced quartz stone products that are pollution free, radiation free and aesthetically pleasing. These quartz stone products have become our company’s solution for a new and environmental friendly alternative to natural marble.
L&E Stone (Real Application Showcase)
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