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Doo, doo, doo Lookin' out my back door...

Well, just about. Down the road last week I spotted this beautiful young cow moose eating in the swamp beside the road.
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For all of you "that" want to improve blogging and grammar, check out Davina who gives excellent guidance to improve story telling and writing.
When should you use "that" and when can you leave it out? It doesn't have to be complicated. +stephen grose here is that grammar post you requested :)
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Thanks, Stephen!
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Moving forward, facing obstacles and enjoying the path to an offgrid lifestyle.
bear paws, cordless saws and tiresome much to deal with before going off grid
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No high horse enlightened mind is what we should all seek to attain. No more dogma. Who do people gravitate towards? Those that are calm, zen like and accepting.

I remember you moving to your beautiful island dream location and know you are content there. For me the RV was an option to have my own 4 walls in my own space...being green and with gas prices the way they are, I don't see too much (or any) open road in the future unless it's a road trip in my car.
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Green living, minimalism, simplicity...not just an amazing life choice, it's all good for your mental health.
Explore options on how to live a more green, simple, purposeful & enjoyable life. I promise it will make a difference to the stresses & depression you are currently feeling....
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Here's some common differences introverts and extroverts have.
Reality is really the same for introverts and extroverts....but perception is different.
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How to get things done...rules for a creators life.
Creativity takes no excuses. Creativity means you are actively creating. No excuse – how tired you are, or how you feel stuck, or the fact that you don’t know where to start – will do if you want to.....
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I'm not normally one to get into the Facebook v Google+ debate ... but I like this article ... some good points.
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Enough said.
"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

+Confucius circle me +Quotes Everlasting
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Working on a project, want to find someone in your area building a tiny house, check out this new resource called the Tiny House Map.
This is a map-based classified listings site in which the goal is to connect the tiny house community and to take it to a local level.
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The road to sustainable living...what a journey to the off grid lifestyle.
The road has been long and winding to my journey off grid. Sometimes a bit bumpy but eventful and certainly exciting, none the less.
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All things are temporary...use this knowledge to get on with life.
There's an expression when life deals you lemons, make lemondade ... If something is sour you need to sweeten it ... Life works like that too.
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Interesting post on How Linux is developed.
Support Linux by sharing this video! Together we can educate the masses on how the largest collaborative development project in this history of computing is built.
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creating day at a time

Follow the frog to help create day at a time. Two blogs, one voice.

AT simply stephen ... promoting just one thing and that's LESS…getting MORE with green simple living.

Reduce your impact with a lighter global footprint. Conscious Consumption. Sharing. Simplicity. Frugal. Intentional Living. Minimalism. Nomadic. Sustainable Choices.

AND at cope with life ... helping introverts (and everyone else) learn how to cope with life obstacles. Are you heading or have you already hit rock bottom?

Not just another mental health and self growth blog. Stop the stigma of mental health and stop the suffering, as someone that's been there cope with life was created to help everyone find the road to happiness and learn how to deal with life obstacles.

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