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Lisa Johnson
A cosmic wander, caught by earth's gravity.
A cosmic wander, caught by earth's gravity.

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Ok, this story feature is pretty neat!

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Ok, my task list at work is now over a hundred items >__<

I usually just store my tasks in a .txt doc in this format:
Project 1
- Task 1 blah blah (due asap)
- Task 2 blah blah (due tomorrow)

Project 2 
- Task 1 bleep bloop (check with blah about due date)
*emailed blah yesterday, haven’t heard back
But my task list is for like 8 different projects now and two pages long =(
Anyone have suggestions for task management programs, shareware, websites, or paid programs?  

Only thing I’ve tried (other than my .txt doc or Microsoft PM) is Google tasks but I didn’t like it because it’s too frustrating to update for me, and because I don’t want work tasks taking over my personal email.

halp, I’m drowning in post its.

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Who else is ridiculously excited??!!!!!
Happy Hunger Deans! Community returns TONIGHT at 8/7c!

hehehe. this is the most ridiculous threeway call.  My mom is calling me on my cellphone and she's on speaker phone while my brother and I skype. This is so silly.  We could just be doing a google hangout. =D

We (coworkers and I) have decided that DARPA actually should be renamed MARPA--Magically Advanced Research Projects Agency--because clearly they want us to be pulling some kind of magical bunny out of our science with the requirements they're giving us!!

Also, I just got off a telecon with 3 people and I feel like I deserve a damn cookie and some blanket time but noooooo, I need to prepare for the next telecon.  (though, the best part about telecons is I can wrap up in my blanket and crawl under my desk to have them if I want, and they shall never be the wiser!)

This being a grownup thing, it sucks.  It sucks so hard.

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I'm at an all day presentation at MIT where one of my old/new projects is being reviewed by NASA.

I started on this project as an undergrad designing the aperture and detector instrument (Aperture Science!), then worked at NASA Goddard as a systems engineer intern on the main spacecraft, and now at my current company I'm back working on the instrument as a Safety & Mission Assurance engineer.

So in 2 years I'll need to quit my job and start working for launch provider so I can work on launch operations for OSIRIS-REx :D

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OOh, this seems like a pretty easy way to get $50 bucks for travel. Also, Room 77 is legit and awesome!
Want to win a $50 AmEx gift card? 

The FIRST 50 people to record a 30-second video telling us what their ultimate hotel room would be like will win one. Here are all the details:

Ready, set, record!

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Normally New Years rolls around and I make some ridiculous resolution (like going to the gym 2 times a week and no more all nighters) and within the first 2 days I’ve completely fucked it up and then it doesn’t seem worth it to keep trying so I go back to my ways.

This year I’m trying something slightly different.  I’m doing something I like to do (walk) and I’m doing it for only about 2 miles more a day then I would normally.  But those 2 miles add up quite a lot in a year, so much so that by adding on 2 to 7 extra miles a day and bringing up my weekly walking total to >40 miles a week I can walk the same distance the hobbits did to get to Mordor in less then a year!

I’ve been doing this since the 1st now and it’s been awesome!  I’m regularly putting in 10 mile days where I walk too and from Harvard Square just for the kicks.  12 days into my walk to Mordor and I only have 241 days more to go (instead of the 344 days I’d have if I only averaged 5 miles a day).

I probably won’t post a lot about it, but there’ll be updates and piecharts every week. ‘Cause I love pie charts.

I got the idea from a nerdfitness post (who linked me to that again?) and all the distances from the book were calculated by

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The Zero Robotics Webcast is up!

SPHERES is a satellite test bed developed by my company and is current flying on the International Space Station. The Zero Robotics competition (the finals which are playing today at this link) has high school students from the US and Europe competing in teams of three to accomplish a specific task. The students begin their work by coding simulations that are run in a virtual environment. The best coded programs then move on to the finals where the students get to see their code run on the actual SPHERES on the ISS and watch the objects run on orbit very… very slowly as the astronauts watch on =D

So if you’re interested, check this out! The students have put hundreds of hours into their programs and now they are going to see how it works in space in real time!

(Keep in mind, these are real satellites on orbit, so they move slowly and there will be periodic loss of signal from the ISS due to orbit cycles, the ISS feed should be starting up in a bit.)
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