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iPad2, Playbook or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10??? Hmmm....
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LOL ung Ministop nag move in? hahahaha
Haha... Sis, help me figure out what to buy...
of course ill tell u to buy Ipad - the newest ipad...i think its around $500 - $650
I want Galaxy Tab more but still thinking...
dunno about the playbook...i have ipad2 and its apple products still have higher value
Hmm... Okay, downsizing my options to iPad and Galaxy Tab.
Yup, now I'll have an upgrade to Galaxy Note and need to purchase Pad.
omg, purchase and ipad then if u dont like it - sell it
Is it gonna be worth it if I'll buy the iPad?
yeah, i need to explore coz of the them!
But android also has a multitude of apps... So confused :/
yeah, i got a samsung but I enjoy more the ipad2
I can't wait... Probably I'll have the iPad because of you.
hahahhaha can u tell im persuading u to get the ipad?? lol go get the ipad now!
I know right??! haha... Need to finalize once more. iPad or Galaxy Tab? LOL
oh well girl, let me know what u have decided..when are u planning to buy?
Sure, anytime soon. Just need to have a final decision.
Thanks for the input Mr. Butch Toledo. Battery life is also one of my concern in terms of choosing a gadget. =)
I develop for Android and iOS. In terms of applications, you'll do better with iPad or the galaxy tab. There's just more available than the Playbook, which thus far can only emulate Android apps.
For general purpose, productivity, etc. - Android. For games and multimedia - iOS. But because I love Android, Galaxy Tab gets my vote. ;-)
Thanks +Coffee and Android. I love Android too! I am very much satisfied with my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S. For my upcoming Tablet, it has to be Android too. Now I have my final verdict. Thanks to you!
Android all the way. It's got expandable memory. Are you waiting for the Galaxy Tab 2, or will you get the already-available Galaxy Tab 10.1? I'd also advise you to consider the Galaxy Note 10.1, the tablet version of the similarly-named smartphone.
+Jerome Paul Esteban. I'm about to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is out in the market but since I've read some reviews regarding the Galaxy Note 10.1, I guess It's worth the wait.
Er Vin
Thanks for the feedback! I got my android from my Samsung Indulge 4g and got Ipad2 got the best of both worlds! Just need to explore more on my Android tho =)
Google should be releasing a $149 Nexus tablet in the next couple months. But if you're getting something sooner, go Android. I can list a million reasons why it's better.
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