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Freeware player for internet radio
Freeware player for internet radio


Ура! Альфа радиолы доступна для загрузки через маркет.
Пожалуйста, скачайте ее на Ваше андроид-устройство по ссылке ниже. Потрясите ее хорошенько - нужны Ваши краш-репорты. Кнопка преобретения Radiola-премиум безопасна - процесс оплаты будет выглядеть как настоящий, но самого платежа не будет (т.е. с Вас не будут сняты какие-либо деньги).

Yoho! Radiola alpha version is available for download on google-market. Please download it to your android device using the link below. Shake it, break it - I need your crash reports! You can try to purchase Radiola-premium - the payment process should be the same as real, but without real money withdraw.

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Join the Radiola for Android apha-testing g+ group!
You need to join to get an access to alpha-version from Google play-market.

Присоединяйтесь к группе альфа-тестирования в g+ - это необходимо для получения доступа к альфа-версии!

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Animation shows the evolution of Radiola for Android from the scratch to alpha-version, which is coming very soon. During this time Radiola changes the design for a few times and got some features such as sharing radio-station as .pls files as well as import such files.

Анимация представляет историю эволюции Radiola for Android от зародыша до альфа-версии. Несколько раз успел смениться дизайн, отросли всякие плюшки, такие как расшаривание станций в виде pls-файлов и, соответственно, их импорт.

Если хотите поделиться хорошей станций - share it to me!
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Radiola is now available on Linux platform!
Binary rpm and deb packages for Suse 13.1 (32bit and 64 bit), Suse 13.2 (64bit), Ubuntu 14.10 (32 and 64bit) is available in download section -
  #radio   #player   #linux   #ubuntu #suse #debian   #fedora #redhat  
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Radiola 2.0.1 is available for download.

Radiola player for online radio v2.0.1

- new green interface (tons of bugs was returned to nature) 
- stunning spectrum analyzer with 4 display modes (click to switch)
- aac+ (shoutcast) streams support (on windows and linux only)
- recording support. By default recorded files will be stored in user's - music folder (Ctrl-E to open it). You can change this in config file (radiola.cfg in Ctrl-S folder)
- winamp visualization plugins support (on Windows only) - press Ctrl-V to start geiss. You can change plugin in config
- when player fails to connect to radio with all streams addresses it - - updates addressed from playlist (if any)
- all operations are accessible via keyboard
- large history files support
- large and huge fonts support
- autocheck for new versions
- bigger buildin list of radiostations (you need to delete old playlist so it will be recreated). Now full list of channels is included.
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