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#Harvard  Yard
Congrats +Peg Fitzpatrick and +Guy Kawasaki 
Former Chief Evangelist of Apple, Guy Kawasaki, has joined Canva and resurrected his famous title from Apple and we couldn’t be more excited.
Getting #brown  and #grey  ---> Pew Research on The Next America.  Diverse and wise. 
Demographic transformations are dramas in slow motion. America is in the midst of two right now. Our population is becoming majority non-white at the same time a record share is going gray.

Halley Suitt Tucker

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Minutemen rehearsing for Patriot's Day April 21 … "the Regulars are coming!"  (not the British).

Halley Suitt Tucker

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#bike  path thinking about spring.
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#Harvard Square
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Terrific dinner discussion re: programmers are CREATIVES and managing a creative project and expecting to put reliable metrics around it (think Agile) is just plain silly.  There may have been Project Managers when they painted the Sistine Chapel, but be serious, it's about #quality   not #quantity  or hitting milestones.  Why do people still treat programmers and coders like rational employees when they are irrational brilliant artists?!
You always wonder if some driver really tried to drive along the #bikepath  and this sign was the result. 
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I'm sure one did. That's how most silly rules are created.
Hey +Denise Howell -- I posted this post about giving attribution and it got a few people talking.  It made me realize I gave a poor example, but perhaps you can explain what the proper LEGAL and net-friendly way an original author should be given credit.  

Here's what I wrote: 
"Attribution -- is it me or what?   I keep seeing more and more content shared without attribution.  It's not okay. 

The proper way to share content is with the original author's name and a link to the original site.  For instance is I share this: 

"15 Motivational Sales Quotes -- I know you'll like these."  you may think I wrote them. 

"15 Motivational Sales Quotes by Guy Kawasaki --- (with link to original source) -- I know you'll like these."  

clearly shows WHO the author is and how to get to the original content."  

Halley Suitt Tucker

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Great advice from Heidi Roizen: Business plans are working documents and the assumption that everything will go right is a deadly one. Go with "everything than can go wrong will go wrong." 
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Love to write, love to read, love to help other authors find their readers and fans!
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I'm the author of Founders Less Than Three, on Amazon here: CEO and Founder of bOoKBoX -- the eVolution of eBooks
I'm Halley Suitt Tucker, writer, author, entreprenerd

I was previously a founder and CEO of BoOkBoX, an editorial consultancy. I did a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding effort to write my novel  FOUNDERS LESS THAN THREE  about startup accelerator programs, published in 2013.  

I'm a entrepreneur, writer, blogger, editor with many years experience in sales and marketing.  I wrote a letter to Oprah and got on her Book Club. I wrote a case study for Harvard Business Review on social media.  I wrote an ebook to encourage more women to start businesses called, Does This Start-up Make Me Look Fat?  I've written a novel about my experience at TechStars where I worked for Libboo, a startup dedicated to creating buzz and WOM about ebooks. 

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I never brag -- it's unladylike! Well … wait. Okay, I was on Oprah's Book Club for Isabel Allende's A Daughter of Fortune.
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