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Halley Suitt Tucker
Author of Founders Less Than Three, on Amazon here: Entrepreneur
Author of Founders Less Than Three, on Amazon here: Entrepreneur


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Really amazing webcast -- will the link still show the recorded version +Joichi Ito ?
The live webcast of our #CelebratingMinsky event starts now! Hosted by John Hockenberry; welcome by Joi Ito. Watch here:

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Listen to Brad Feld and Don't Fake the Language!
Brad Feld's recent post on Feld Thoughts about "startup language" is so true.  In any business, slinging the slang around always makes you sound silly.  Some of the smartest people I've met (including Brad) can explain things in very simple language.  They ...

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Can't wait to see the new movie about the #BeachBoys  with #JohnCusack  

Rolling Stone:  "Musically, the film is a miracle, right and riveting in every detail."

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Rent a bike this weekend and check out the great Bikeway from Cambridge to Lexington. 

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Minuteman Bikeway Mini-Vacation (Alewife to Bedford via Lexington)
There is so much to see along the Minuteman Bikeway which
runs between the Alewife T through Arlington, past Lexington then all the way
into Bedford, please plan a trip soon. Start by looking at the Bikeway map here. A view from the Minuteman Bikeway No bik...

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Great new documentary about Romance Novels by +Laurie Kahn -- and some facts about this booming industry.
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