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I am so fed up with internet providers.  My bill went up by $5 this month because my 2 year contract with +Verizon FiOS ended.  ok, that's to be expected.  I went online to see what else I could do, so I see a plan that $15 less than my current for the same internet service, but adds tv, then the price is back to my old rate, but at least I save that $5 again while watching cable I don't want.  umm, that's dumb.  I tried to upgrade, but nooooooooooope, that's for new customers.  OK, so I ask about the best price I can get.  I'm on the best rate, the escalated customer service moron says.  huh?  so you want me to add tv in order to get my old price on an existing service, which you would cost you zero effort to maintain, cause all I want is what I have been getting for the last 18 months?  (yeah, it took them 6 months of service calls to get me up to 50mbps on a line that was previously installed) To what end?  So they can bill me $30-100 to send an underpaid and gives-no-fucks technician to my house and drill unnecessary holes in my walls to install a service I don't want?

So I looked at +XFINITY and +Xfinity Deals who have been sending me tons of fliers trying to get me to switch.  They offer twice the internet speeds, with cable and hbo for $59/mo.  Great!  I still don't care about the TV, and don't want it, but hey, it's cheap, fast internet!  Same deal, they send a monkey with a drill to come and put unnecessary holes in my house for service I don't want so that I can save $25 a month.  Oh shit, I says to myself, it's with +Comcast Xfinity, I'd better look at data caps cause that's the reason I left their shitty service the last time.  Oh, the good old 250 gb cap is still in place.  So I do the math: I can use the service for the first 39 minutes of every month, then I will be out of data.  Good thing I got such blazing fast internet, you fucking stingy dicks.  Why don't you go stick it to netflix for some more blood money so you can pass some of that savings on to me?

#flipstable   #movestoasia   #where3rdworldcountrieshavebetterinternet  

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Read the whole article, it's juuuuuuuuuiiiicy... about megaupload getting shut down yesterday, NZ millionaires getting cut out of their safe rooms, and Anonymous attacking the FBI, RIAA, MPAA, etc. in response.

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Fill in name, email and zip to sign an anti-SOPA petition.

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