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Shannon Hudson
Blessed Child of God, Wife, and Mother.
Blessed Child of God, Wife, and Mother.

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Weekly Menu for Sunday, May 9th - Saturday, May 13th
A few of you have e-mailed me about what in the world I cook for our crew.  Many of you know we suffer from food allergies... This includes gluten, dairy, and weird stuff like beans and squashes!  We TRY to eat real food most of the time... I also generally...

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Gardening in the Northwest
So I guess we count as the Northwest now... I've tried googling it, but that just confuses me, ha.  Some sites say we are Midwest... but when you order foraging books, we don't count for that (yeah ask me how I know).  In fact, for the foraging books, we ar...

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MIA - CO Poisoning
I've had a few questions lately regarding me "slacking off" on posting on my blog.  I'm sorry for being MIA!!!  A couple weeks ago we had a huge scare, that has thrown me off my kilter a little.  Let me tell you the story... It was a Thursday evening and we...

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Geography - Introduction
This year for geography, we restarted going over the continents, looking more specifically at some countries.  Before jumping into that, however, we took three weeks to do an "introduction" unit, introducing basic geographical terms. The main text for our u...

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FIAR - Katy and the Big Snow
Katy and the Big Snow, by Virginia Lee Burton is one of my favorite Five In a Row books!!!  It is about a tractor named Katy that pushes a snowplow during the winter, clearing the way for all the emergencies, when no one else can get the job done.  It is a ...

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The Center for Birds of Prey - Field Trip
W9 LOVES birds!  I'm not sure what started his fascination with them!  But anything bird related, and he is all over it!  Even his tea mug has birds on it and his ornaments he chooses each year is usually a bird.  He hopes to one day own a couple birds.  Wi...

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FIAR - Owl Moon
Owl Moon , by Jane Yolen is a lovely story of a little girl and her father quietly going owling.  We enjoyed a week full of owl based activities!  We kept this week pretty low-key and fun, as we were all fighting some sinus issues.  We went on a lovely fiel...

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Charleston Tea Plantation - Field Trip
Did you know there is only one tea plantation in North America?  It is located on Wadmalaw Island, SC.  It actually originated in Summerville, and was later moved there.  The Bigelow Family actually owns the plantation.  The rest of the tea plantations in t...

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FIAR - Very Last First Time
Very Last First Time, by Jan Andrews is about an Inuit girl that goes under the frozen ocean when the tide goes out, to collect mussels, for the first time by herself.  There are parts of this story that frightened my children, but for the Inuit people who ...

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BFIAR - The Snowy Day
As we continue through books centering around snow and cold, I decided to look at The Snowy Day , by Ezra Jack Keats, with the children.  This is a lovely book about a little boy who enjoys a day of fun in the snow.  We tried to keep our activities for this...
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