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Adrian Cuyugan
I am damn FOXY!
I am damn FOXY!

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It's V Not Triangle
It is true that as time progresses, you learn to live from your mistakes, earn valuable lessons from past experiences while you cherish those moments that you have spent with people whom you dear most. People have always said that I am very tactful when I s...

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The Mean-Value Theorems (for integrals) without a word.

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Math Formulas Vec

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When You Miss Boyfie
Five years? That doesn't seem like long enough for regrets.

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I am sorry, buddy.

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Go out and vote!

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Voters Turnout and Poverty Incidence
In the heat of the national elections this May 9, most of my friends, particularly on social media, have been actively endorsing their preferred candidates and to the extent of mudslinging that could have resulted to unfollow or unfriend each other.  With t...

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Spreading Love and Equality
This week, Manny Pacquiao was interviewed and asked what is his stand on same-sex marriage. He inserts his judgement based on his religious beliefs with no scientific basis at all. A day after it caused violent reactions not just from the LGBT community but...

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Natty Or Not?
The Baymax friends and I always keep a fun conversation talking about daily rants, sides of what we feel and talk about people who are featured in fitness articles for having an awesome transformation. Look, I know that some people may really do it naturall...

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How long has it been? Almost nine months of no update at all. I really suck in writing recently because of schedule. As usual, lame excuses. I feel bad migrating to Blogger because I might have lost some of my posts from Wordpress. Thinking that I started t...

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My feelings when starting to learn pandas for #Python #DataScience
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