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Great Relationship Tips!

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A huge problem I see in my practice, are couples complaining about the lack of connection they feel with one another.  They almost ALWAYS point to electronics and social media as a major contributor to this. the video says, "LOOK UP!"  Let's try to unplug a little more, and connect with those around us.
LOOK UP! Put your phones down and take a moment to UNPLUG! - Poetic video begging us to be more PRESENT!

"When you're too busy looking down, you don't see the chances you miss!"

Show This Video To Your Friend Who Is Always On His Phone!
#smartphone  +The Internet  #livefortoday  

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I'm new to Google +, so I wanted to post a "Hello" and tell everyone that I just relaunched the website for my counseling practice.  You can go to my webpage by clicking on the link below.  Thanks.
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