Starting today, you can easily measure the revenue driven by your ads if you accept more than one currency on your website or app. 

Calculate a more meaningful ROI by adding currency information to your conversion values

Once you add currency information to your conversion values (, all of the sales that you generate will be converted into the same currency used for AdWords billing.

Let’s say you’re an online retailer based in the UK, promoting your products from an AdWords account billed in pounds (£). You accept payments in three currencies on your site--pounds, euros and dollars. Previously, when a customer paid for something in euros or dollars, you had to convert the payment into pounds in order to reconcile all the currencies into a single revenue amount for your business. 

Now, AdWords will convert the payment currency from euros and dollars to pounds, so you don’t have to. When you have both your costs and sales all in one currency, you can calculate a more meaningful return on investment. Learn how to add currency to your conversions:

If you import goals and transactions from Google Analytics to AdWords, simply choose a currency for these goals and transactions, and AdWords will do the currency conversion for you. 

Better insights into your return on investment 

Let’s say you’re managing multiple AdWords accounts in a My Client Center (MCC), each with their own billing currency and budgets. By adding a currency to each of your conversion actions, you can see the ROI for each account, in their local currency. At the MCC level, you’ll see the revenue across all of your managed accounts, converted to your MCC’s currency. This allows you to easily compare each market’s performance in one common currency.

Whether your customers are far or close to home, we’re here to help you better understand the full value of AdWords.
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