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Squirrels are the most dangerous threat to cyber security in the world and the most successful hackers on the planet. I think I have an idea for a Shadowrun character, "Skwerl."
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James “Quixotic Jedi” Spahn

White Star OGL Products & Shameless Self-Promotion  - 
Community Question
Would folks be interested in a collection of White Star short stories or a White Star novel set in the implied universe featured in the core and companion books (and expanded on in Project Galactic)? I've been considering writing one and making it available via the various e-book platforms and print on demand, but wanted to gauge interest.
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Short Story Anthology
Not Interested
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Both, indeed.
Did I see there is a WS comic in the Companion???
If so, where can I get?
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James “Quixotic Jedi” Spahn

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Barrel Rider Games is now on Patreon! Help make BRG more successful in its continued production of OSR material and get some exclusive benefits along the way!

Rewards include:
Exclusive Updates available only to Patreon backers!
"Director's Cut" and "Deleted Scene" material previously unpublished!
A monthly raffle for free PDF and print Barrel Rider Games products!
Play in a monthly virtual table-top session of White Star, run by the author!
Follow James M. Spahn on Patreon: Read posts by James M. Spahn on the world's largest platform enabling a new generation of creators and artists to live out their passions!
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Is the Cthulhu: Britannica London Box Set written for 6th or 7th edition? Does anyone own it? Can they give insight into whether it's worth getting. I'm considering grabbing it and using it as a lead-in to Horror on the Orient Express.
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It's awesome and i'd recommend getting it as a general sourcebook(s), but as someone currently running HotOE, i wouldn't say it's necessary.
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They did. I don't know why though. I guess you could combine D20 Modern with D&D if you wanted a science fantasy game. But realistically those shouldn't be there, or else you're really opening yourself up to every D20 game.
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Behold, House Ratatoskr has its own holiday!
Red, grey or even black, what's your favourite colour of squirrel? Squirrel Appreciation Day reminds us to enjoy these nut-burying, scampering animals...
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As a Southerner, I always appreciate the taste of good squirrel. :)
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Just added a 20-page, previously unpublished supplement for White Star on my Patreon. It's draft of a product that was ready for art and layout, but sadly never saw the light of day. These are the kinds of rewards offered to patrons for just $5 a month.
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Just start tossing those ideas at my Patreons. ;)
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James “Quixotic Jedi” Spahn

White Star OGL Products & Shameless Self-Promotion  - 
As work continues on the what I'm calling "Project Galactic" (not the official title, but something to tease you with), I'm also re-launching my Patreon with a focus on White Star products. Patrons will receive exclusive updates, exclusive Patron-only White Star products, the chance to win FREE White Star products (print and physical!), and have me run a regular White Star game for them.

This community will still receive regular updates and be the hub for all things White Star, but Patreon supports will receive additional content and info.
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I've updated and re-launched the Barrel Rider Games Patreon. I've had one for quite a bit, but not really used it or shared it. That's going to change. Now for as little as a $1 a month you'll get exclusive updates and The State of the Barrel, so you can stay in the know.

Other rewards include PDFs of "deleted scenes," free print and PDF products, or having me run White Star for you once a month. So if you've got some spare change, toss it in the barrel!
Follow James M. Spahn on Patreon: Read posts by James M. Spahn on the world's largest platform enabling a new generation of creators and artists to live out their passions!
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Help to keep the mad creations flowing folks!
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"Hey guys, I've been running Star Wars every week for the past year and a half. Any chance someone else would be willing to take the helm as GM/DM for a bit? Doesn't have to even be Star Wars - just whatever you want. I'm starting to get a little brain-fried."

<Crickets> know, sometimes I want to stab my local group.
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Try playing Shadowrun Anarchy or Cosmic Patrol or Valiant Universe....the Lead Narrator role is supposed to rotate around the table to give everyone a chance to play and everyone a chance to GM. (Of course we never played them that way - GM loved to GM for one thing, and the rest of us were GM-averse).
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Think we'll see an updated, 7th edition incarnation of the Miskatonic University Sourcebook? It's my favorite book from the 6th ed line and I'd love to see it updated into the high visual quality and production values of 7th ed.
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I copied them over on a cheat sheet. I made a few freshmen... Rolled grades for a couple semesters. I have not played it with anyone though
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Fantasy Flight Games has announced the second quarter release of the Disciples of Harmony, a sourcebook for Consulars for the Star Wars: Force & Destiny Roleplaying Game. I'm really excited for this one, not just as an avid gamer and life-long Star Wars fanboy, but also because it marks my second contribution to the game line as a freelance author.
Announcing a Sourcebook for Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™
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Well, +James Spahn I did suggest to you to name NPCs after your daughter.
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