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Software developer, Roleplayer, Photographer, Swordsman, Burner
Software developer, Roleplayer, Photographer, Swordsman, Burner

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"If you’re white, stop asking me to feel for these people. If you’re a white woman, I’m going to need a little more accountability for what happened Tuesday, because 53 percent of you voted for white supremacy over gender equality, which is deep. (To paraphrase Samantha Bee, if Muslims and black folks have to take responsibility for every member of our communities, so do you.)"

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"There’s truth to this narrative, but it also reflects our tendency to underestimate Clinton’s political effectiveness. Trump’s meltdown wasn’t an accident. The Clinton campaign coolly analyzed his weaknesses and then sprung trap after trap to take advantage of them."

I'm not a huge fan of Clinton's policies (she's too much of a military hardliner and Wall St supporter for my taste), but some things have become quite clear:

- She's smart (in addition to educated, the two don't always correlate)
- She has an advisory/tactical team that she actually listens to and works with, and she does a lot of prepwork
- She doesn't get flustered or lose track of strategy while under intense pressure
- She knows her stuff, especially on the foreign policy / relations front. It's clear why Putin doesn't want her as President, she's a formidable diplomatic opponent and difficult to manipulate.

As potential leader of a global superpower, those aren't bad qualities to have.

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Look at you, hacker.

It's live. Looking damn impressive. Go go go! :)

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Seems that Clutch is coming to Helsinki for a club gig in August. Excellent, haven't seen them live (yet), and I hear they also rock on stage :)

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Wow :D

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It's hard to overstate the effect David Bowie has had on me, ever since school days. The first actual album (as a c-cassette!) I ever bought was a Bowie collection (sometime around 1979/80, I think). Don't even remember why exactly, I think I had heard one of his songs somewhere -- "Life On Mars", maybe -- and it intrigued me. The collection was weird stuff to the me that was then, hopping between genres and sounding like nothing else I had heard. It became a mental soundtrack to a lot of things, and Bowie himself was a role model of sorts to me. He was what he wanted to be, and he was intelligent & cool. He didn't give a damn about "current trends" (unless he happened to be interested in them). Most artists would be happy to have one album as good as any in his pile of brilliant ones.

For many artists, it's easy to pick their "best album". For Bowie, I find that impossible. My favorites are "Heroes" and "Diamond Dogs", but all of his albums up to and including "Let's Dance" are fantastic. Well, ok, maybe not Pin-ups, but that has its moments too. :)

Later, especially after his 80s "Let's Dance" (a deliberate 'let's try pop music!' move) succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, he sort of lost his way creatively for a while... but then rebounded later, with the excellent "Outside" and "Earthling". And hey, if you never fail, it just means you're not trying enough. And Bowie never rested on his laurels (apart from that 80s stretch, maybe), and was always experimenting and going off in some weird tangent.

Lately, after 10 years of silence, he surprised everyone with "The Next Day", which was unexpectedly good, and now "Blackstar" -- which is now clearly meant as a goodbye to fans, written while he knew he was dying. And then he's gone. But he went the way he wanted to, creating one great last album and hiding the fact that he was fatally ill until the end. I can imagine him reading the great reviews for his last album, and then a few days later dying as content as a great artist can be in that situation.

He changed my life. He took musical styles and assimilated them into weird new melanges. He was a rock icon, a musical genius and, as far as I know, a very decent guy. I feel a bit empty now that he's gone.

We still have the music, and that'll have to do.

Rock on.

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R.I.P. Bowie :(

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I'm happy to report that the film is awesome, on par with the first trilogy. So, how soon is May 2017 again? 

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It's here. It's pretty. Onyx Path know what they are doing. #onyxpath #wod #vampire

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