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Certified Chatterbox - PC Geek - Opinionated - Open Minded - Techie
Certified Chatterbox - PC Geek - Opinionated - Open Minded - Techie

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The Road To Change, Are You Up For A Real Challenge? That's Why I Did Vote For Bernie Sanders And Will Again

adjective to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

Sometimes one has to share the description of a word in order for people to get the real meaning in a world where words often get new “street” meanings depending on the culture at the time.

I’ve never been very specific as to how exactly I describe myself when it comes to politics. I use to consider myself a Republican once but I learned my lesson, the hard way, and realized that the Democrats have more in common with my beliefs. But Republican and Democrat is a very vague description, it only implies that I either believe in more Gov’t or less Gov’t, in more taxes or less taxes, etc. The truth is if I was to be more specific liberal would be the best way to describe myself. 

I use to think of myself as a conservative. I was very fond of the idea of maintaining tradition and such but I eventually realized that for as much as I enjoyed tradition I also liked changing things, creating my own traditions thus kinda contradicting the point of being a conservative. I liked trying new things, transforming the traditional into a new style, a new form while maintaining the feel the original tradition gave me. But in the end I liked change because I tend to get bored with repetition. And thus liberalism is more suited to my desires. 

But If there’s one thing I learned in life is that change isn’t always easy. It’s not easily accepted by the average person even when it’s necessary, unavoidable or even when it’s wanted, ironically. However as a “liberal” animated rat once told his dad “Change is nature, Dad. The part that we can influence. And it starts when we decide” Ratatouille. It’s unnatural for mankind to just sit there and accept that there is nothing that can be done. If this were true people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and even Malala Yousafzai would not have bothered to sacrifice themselves and their beliefs to bring about change.

It’s OK to want to make things easy. I myself strive to make everything I can easier to do. I see no reason for something to be difficult if it can be done easier. It saves time, energy and makes things more enjoyable and convenient. It’s easier for me to buy pre-made frozen burgers than it is to buy the ground beef and shape them myself even if there a good chance the homemade ones might taste better. But sometimes easy is not always better. There are some things in life we have to do the hard way in order to achieve them but the good thing about it is the feeling you get knowing all that hard work paid off. One thing in life that is not easy to change is life itself. It easy to get comfortable and feel there isn’t any need to change what is (the status quo) or even accept that you may not be able to change it, so why bother. But in that thought lies the very reason why one must not always accept what seems to be a limitation. 
This is why although Bernie Sander’s future for the US seems to be more like a fantasy, like a pipe dream, I can’t dismiss the fact that the only reason these ideals seem to be unattainable is because the people of this nation have grown to believe it’s not possible to change the current status quo which is in itself an odd concept considering we have, what was once believed to be impossible to do, a Black President. It was because of the belief that change was needed and possible this nation even exist; from the day the first settlers came to this land, to the time when we fought the Civil War, to the days of Civil Rights Movement and even the formation of the Tea Party, the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter groups. It has all been about one thing above all else, to bring change to a system that was corrupt and lawless and needed to be changed even when it seemed impossible to do.

If so much of our history is about change, change for the better, change that was not easy, that took a lot of belief, a lot of sacrifice and sometimes it took our very lives to accomplish them, why would anyone believe that just because the road will be difficult, the people we will work with difficult and the system we aim to change difficult, that we should just not try? I refuse to believe that I have to live in a world where the dreams I wish to become reality through the leadership of Bernie Sanders can never be just because people are more concerned with the now, with accepting what can be achieved at this moment rather than take a chance and try to achieve a better future right from the start.

I refuse to believe that the only way for us to achieve a future where corruption does not exist, where equality is the standard and where our options for the next leader of the free world is not the lesser of two evils is to sit back and hope that someday it will all fix itself. As a Catholic there is a saying I firmly believe in “God helps those who help themselves”. My own life experiences have taught me that only after I have made the effort to try have I been able to succeed in the things I wanted to achieve. That sitting there waiting for a “miracle” to just happen was not how my life was driven.

That’s why although the future I dream of, the future Bernie Sanders claims we can achieve together seems futile, it’s a future I will not give up on just because the road ahead will be hard, just because the Republicans will try to obstruct my path every step of the way, just because we have been convinced that there is no other way, just because I may be afraid to lay my life and beliefs on the line to achieve my goals. For as long as my faith is strong, for as long as an option exist, I will continue to fight for what’s right for this nation and will refuse to settle for what’s convenient, easier and safer.

If necessary, a vote for Hillary Clinton is not out of the question. Hillary as President is 100 times more appealing than any Republican, even Kasich. The first Madam President, first First Gentleman, a strong leader and a powerful one. She may have her downsides which is why I am not currently siding with her, but her downsides pale in comparison to every Republican formerly and currently running and even some who potentially could still run, even at this time. But as long as Sanders remains in the race I will continue to cheer for him because my hope is that he does become the nominee and he does become our next President. There is a chance he may not be able to accomplish all he promised but I will be satisfied with him trying and at least get us started for I don’t expect this level of change to happen overnight or even in 4 to 8 years, but I do expect it to happen and it’s up to us to make it happen and it starts with President Sanders. Don’t give up on him just because it seems hard to believe he could still win. In the end, we still have Hillary Clinton, not my first choice but still a better choice than any Republican. And let’s not forget that the power that has given rise to the Sanders machine is a power that can still move the Clinton machine in the direction we want because last I checked Clinton would still work for the people and we are the ones with the power.

Been watching House Of Cards this week, love the show so far. I found myself asking a curious question.

The leader of our country in the President and his wife is the First Lady, if the next person on line is the Vice President, is his wife the Vice First Lady or the Second Lady? Just wondering. Haven't googled it yet.

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I don't mean to insult anyone, this is a legitimate question with a reason behind why I ask it.

What does the word nigger mean to you?

Please understand I am not looking for the dictionary definition I want to know what you believe it means when you hear or use it.

Why? Well twice this week I have come across the strangest argument ever. I can't say for sure since I can't see their faces but what sounded like several White people (had a Southern accent) used this word to insult someone in a game I was playing (Call Of Duty Black Ops 3) just because name calling and such is common in these games. I, as usual, felt compelled to chime in wondering why they had to use this word when there was no actual reason to use it based on my understanding of the word.

To me nigger is an insult towards Black people. It's meant to demean them. A word used widely and openly during the years of slavery and Jim Crow laws. It's such a sensitive word that I fell bad using it here because I'm sure someone will complain about it.

Here's where the argument got strange. When I asked "why nigger?" since they had no way of knowing if the player was Black their response confused me. They claimed the word doesn't mean what apparently I have always believed it meant. Apparently according to them this was meant to call someone stupid. Really? Stupid? Since when? They started calling me stupid for not knowing this. Ironically none of them called me nigger which kinda hurt their argument since they said that's what it meant but didn't use it when it supposedly applied.

I checked online dictionaries to see if this was true. Here's what I found:

Definition of nigger
1 offensive; see usage paragraph below —used as an insulting and contemptuous term for a black person

2 offensive; see usage paragraph below —used as an insulting and contemptuous term for a member of any dark-skinned race

3 now often offensive; see usage paragraph below : a member of a class or group of people who are systematically subjected to discrimination and unfair treatment

Not a single site mentions stupid as a description of this word. So, is this a new fad that I apparently missed? Is calling someone a nigger meaning stupid the new phat?

I apologize to those offended for my use of the word. I wanted to make sure I made my point so I had to use it in this context. Thank you.

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I'm pretty sure I pointed out before how business-like the US is not that Trumps years of experience (in screwing his own businesses for profit) are in a way worthless. The US is not a business, the American people are not employees. Presidents don't get to make all the decisions, they are not our bosses. They work for the people, not the other way around. There are laws, rules and regulations that keep people like Trump from running the country as if they own it, like a business. But a lot of people who voted for this joke of a President were too stupid to understand this and believed having business skills was somehow an asset to being President. The first 100 days make it obvious, it's not and Trump does not have the knowledge, the skills or the mentality to run a country which is why he has to ask for help every day. What an embarrassment we have become to the world, a joke. Most powerful country? More like the most ridiculous. 

I'm tired of being me

My existence brings nothing but misery to everyone around me. I am useless. I can accomplish nothing but disaster. I've wasted my whole life trying to do the right thing, trying to be the good guy, trying to follow the rules and I have failed at everything I've tried to accomplish. I'm a terrible son, a terrible father, a terrible brother, a terrible husband. I see no future where my existence was of value.

My mom told me a long time ago that when I was born I had months to live due to some kind of condition I had at birth according to doctors. She say is she prayed to God and made a deal that if he spared my life that she would watch over me for as long as she lived. Since the day I was born I have been bringing grief to my mom and as time passes that grief was passed on to everyone else I met. 41 years later I find myself wondering if perhaps my mom made a mistake with her prayer. Who knows. Perhaps the history of my father's family is finally catching up to me and I am simply continuing the family legacy of failure. And now it seems I may be of adding on that legacy to my kids thus being and even worse father and husband to my family. If I only knew then I wanna at I know.

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I'm normally not much of a sports person but this game is a bit unusual​. Both my country of birth and my country of origin fight it out on the baseball field and this I have to watch.

I'll be rooting for my island of Puerto Rico because it's where I am right now and in a way we're the underdog vs the US. I live both my countries for I am American no matter if I was born here or there.

GO PUERTO RICO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Beauty And The Beast 2017 Review - There Is Beauty In This Beast Of A Movie

Spoiler alert? Not sure if this entirely applies since this is basically a scene by scene recreation of the 1991 Disney animated movie version with some minor differences but I'll avoid pointing out too much of the movie itself.

My impression of this movie? It was excellent, two thumbs up, 9 out of 10. A must see for anyone who loves the animated version and wants to watch a well made live action version of a movie.

The movie had a couple of quirks but all in all it was a great movie that brings to life the Disney animated version in an elegant and not too exaggerated way. Emma Watson did a great job as Belle and the beast looked great as well. The only character I found to be a tad bit exaggerated was Gaston's friend LeFou. He was still a great character in this movie but the Gaston song scene might have been a bit to much for me, but that's just me. My only other gripe was when the camera panned around on several scenes it made everything blurry and got me a bit dizzy. Usually things just look like they are moving fast but I can still make them out, in this case it blurred and just made the movie look of poor quality during those moments. But they were only a few short moments and it didn't take away from the movie itself. Perhaps it was just me.

All in all an excellent live action creation of a wonderful story. I most enjoyed their addition of modern culture acceptance to the story with a gay LeFou obsessed with Gaston, mixed relationships between the house employees and even most pretty female characters not all being blondes.

Definitely a must watch. This movie deserve an award. I hope it breaks records.

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When The Judge And Jury Are In Trump's Pocket How Can He Lose?

First Trump placed mistrust in the intelligence community, then they tried to get the FBI to stop investigating Trump and his people but the person responsible for running the FBI, AG Sessions, had to excuse himself because he too had connections to Russia and lied under oath during his confirmation, then his National Security Advisor Flynn has to resign because he too lied about his Russian connections, attorney Bharara being fired under suspicion of being part of the Russian investigation against Trump and now we have one of Trump's transition team members from the Intelligence Committee leading the investigation and claiming there is no evidence to suggest a connection between Trump and his team to Russia even though there have been a ton of leaked reports showing connections.

We are facing one of the most disturbing problems this nation has seen in decades, the possibility of Russia having hacked our Govt and helped Trump win the election while potentially having Russian agents or assets within our Gov't and nearly every person responsible for investigation this is either in Trump's pocket as one of his employees or they are Republicans who don't want to question his for fear of losing power in the Gov't now that they control all 3 houses.

This is insanity. It's not about going after Trump because so many believe he should not be President but because this is a legitimate situation where our democracy is under siege be a country we consider a danger to our national security. How can we believe our Gov't can be trusted when all efforts are being made to prevent Trump from being investigated? I can't believe I am being witness to such a disgusting and disgraceful situation where our Gov't is becoming a dictatorship right before our eyes and part of the nation is cheering this on while the rest either does it's best to get Congress and the Senate to do something about or they are completely ignoring everything because they don't believe they can change anything.

What a disturbing time we live in. I never thought I would even witness such a thing. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

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Late to the party as far as in concerned. You don't get to ignore the issues and then claim to be on their side after they are attacked or threatened thanks in part to you. Sorry Charlie, not how things work. And any Trump supporter dumb enough to defend this needs to get their brain checked cause it simply make you dumber.

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So, does this make Trump responsible for the incident? And Fox News as well? I mean chances are this happened because of what Trump said. It's how he would see it I'd it wetter the other way around.
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