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Certified Chatterbox - PC Geek - Opinionated - Open Minded - Techie


Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Its the time I get to listen to my Christmas music without people looking at me weird. Its a time where I get to watch Christmas movies that bring me joy without people looking at me weird. It's a time where family tend to be more inclined to get together and an excuse to drink, eat a ton of food and simply be happy for no reason whatsoever. And above all else its the time where I can spend less time stressed about the world falling apart around me because I am pretty much ignoring it while I am doing everything I mentioned before.

Still, Christmas does have its downsides. Being a father of 3 boys (one already an adult but still my son) and going through one of the toughest years yet its not easy to stay completely cheerful when you know you are either not gonna be able to get them anything they want or you will spend the next few months sacrificing things for the sake of seeing even a little bit of happiness in your kids eyes as they open their gifts and find the things they wanted. I keep hoping someone day I will know what its like to get Christmas gifts and not have to worry about the months that follow and the financial burden that has become a tradition for us.

I had hopes that my chance would come to finally move up in this world and stop living on the edge of despair constantly but it seems that destiny is not ready for me to "move on up to the East side" yet. I was kinda looking forward to 2019 but now I find myself wishing it never got here. I may not know if I will find a way out of this financial disaster I am in but I do know its only gonna get worse in the coming year.

Between my inability to find a job due to having lost my birth certificate when I moved here (I need it to get a local ID in order to work and its required to get a job in most places) and not having the money to get a new one because I will have to travel to where I was born in order to get it and now we gonna lose our Gov't assistance next month plus my wife's check is now a bit smaller because her job is finally deducting the insurance they hadn't deducted in 2 years, I am not sure how we are gonna manage our finances next year. Our fridge is a rental because we can't get credit and cheap fridges here break within weeks, I don't have a vehicle to move around and food is getting more and more expensive here.

At this point 2019 is already looking to be a horrible year for me and it hasn't even gotten here yet. On top of that I am losing Google+, the only social media site that I liked a lot and used everyday. And its going away even earlier now. I am at a loss. I thought having to move to Puerto Rico to avoid becoming homeless with my family was the worst that could happen short of becoming homeless but apparently 2019 is gonna top even that for us. And I don't even know if I will be able to find a way out of this mess.

For the first time in my life I don't have a plan, a solution or even an idea that can save my family. I'm not looking for people to feel pity for me, I don't think I deserve it. I just wanted to write what I am feeling right now because otherwise I may just lose my mind a little sooner than I can afford if I don't. I'm, at this point, holding out for a miracle because I just don't have any other way out of this.

So, if anyone was to ask me what I want for Christmas, well, I want a chance to move back to the states, a place to stay and a job so I can give my family a chance at a better life. I'm not looking for a free pass. I don't want to be given a house and a bank account full of money. I just want another chance to earn my way back to a decent lifestyle where I don't have to worry about being evicted, losing my power and going hungry. I've tried my best to do the right thing but I seem to be stuck in this failure loop that I can't escape. I just want to break the cycle and get a chance to prove myself so I too can know what its like to live a normal life or at least one that is borderline abyss.

It is Christmas time, and they do say this is when Christmas miracles tend to happen. I hope its my turn.
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Say hello to the worlds dumbest lawyer on planet Earth, the perfect fit for the worlds dumbest President.

Mr. Giuliani is blaming Twitter for a link he himself accidentally created in his own post that leads to a website that says Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country. The moron doesn't realize he created the link Twitter made into a hyperlink as its supposed to by connecting G-20 at the end of his sentence with the In of the next sentence when he failed to put a space between the period and the word thus creating the link, a link that had no webpage. That was until a clever person decided to buy the webpage and create the Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country website which, because a tweet can't be edited, will be forever linked to.

Rudy is pissed at Twitter when he should really be pissed at his own stupidity but what can you expect from the moron who happens to be the lawyer of the biggest moron we have in the country, the current President. After all, Trump only has the best and his people are all best at being morons, just look at Micheal Cohen.

How sad that our history will have this one moment in time where stupidity reigned in the White House for at least 4 years for people to see in the future.
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For years I've been wanting to do the 25 days of Christmas movies like ABC does every year with my own movies but somehow we always end up forgetting about the movies or end up too distracted to care. But this year I'm gonna try again and this time we'll get it done. Here's our randomized list for this year:

Home Alone 1990
The Santa Clause 1994
The Polar Express 2004
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer 2000
A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965
A Christmas Story 1983
Elf 2003
Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas 1999
How The Grinch Stole Christmas 2000
The Santa Clause 2 2002
The Santa Clause 3 The Escape Clause 2006
Mickeys Twice Upon A Christmas 2004
The Little Drummer Boy 1968
Nestor The Long Eared Christmas Donkey 1977
It's A Wonderful Life 1946
Miracle On 34th Street 1994
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 1964
Jingle All The Way 1996
Dr. Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas 1966
Twas The Night Before Christmas 1974
Home Alone 2 Lost In New York 1992
Arthur Christmas 2011
Frosty The Snowman 1969
Frosty Returns 1992
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 1970

Currently watching the first movie on my list as I write this. I love this movie, and so do my kids.

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I really wanted to believe this was a joke but nope, its not. However I am a believer of Capitalism (in moderation of course) so if someone can legally make such a product and there are dumb people out there willing to shell out $30.00 (discounted) for this ridiculous (and extremely racist and stereotypical) "toy" then by all means.

It is rather disturbing that it resembles too much the LEGO products and thus I have to assume there has got to be some kind of illegal copy righting here. I'm not sure LEGO wants to be pull into the middle of such a racist product and not condemn it or sue them for copy right or something.
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You gotta love Florida when it comes to politics. Every election they always have to fuck things up. Its not surprising to see Republicans still making shit up just to rile up their base.

Now they are claiming Democrats are trying to steal the election because the number count keeps changing. Because for some reason they think counting ballots in every state is the same and easy. But what can you expect from stupid people who believe Trumps lies even when admits he's lying to them?

But its even funnier to see them share a crappy video of some guys in a pickup moving what seems to be boxes to a rental truck and somehow we are all supposed to believe these are ballots being hidden or replaced by Democratic criminals trying to steal the election from Republicans. What's really funny is Florida is mostly controlled by Republicans and yet this shit still happens but its not their fault. It never is. It's always those sneaky Democrats who somehow always manage to elude the Republicans and cheat, even though its never been proved.

BTW, Apple came out with a new iPhone worth around $1,000 and Samsung has another phone that is close to that price and Google has the Pixel 3 right up there with them and they all have amazing cameras that can capture 4k video. And the crazy part is that last years phones were almost as good. So why the hell are these conspiracy video always so crappy looking? Hmmm, doctored to fake what they claim is happening? Talk about conspiracy theories.
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The bottom of the hole the Trump administration and his slaves continue to sink themselves into is soo far down that they don't seem to be able to stop sinking so low as to what they are willing to say and do just to rile up the idiots on their side that blindly devote themselves to them.

Sanders seems to have shared what is being seen as a doctored video of the supposed assault incident that led to Acosta's credentials being removed from he White House. A video that apparently came from InfoWars. To anyone with a 1/4 of a brain its pretty obvious they removed frames and sped up the video to make it look worse while removing the audio that shows Acosta saying "Pardon me, ma'am".

This is the change America wanted, an Administration willing to share blatant lies to the American people simply because they believe their base is stupid and I am having a hard time believing they are not. How sad is it that part of this country's population is OK with being told they are stupid to their faces when they are fed obvious lies that they eat up like free steak dinners. But my favorite parts are when they claim to know its a lie but still support Trump and his administration while still getting upset. If you know its a lie why get mad then?

Sanders needs to be held accountable for sharing this video, any Republican that does not point out the stupidity behind sharing this video is a traitor to this nation. You are not a patriot, you do not care about this nation if you believe this crap.
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I had tried to avoid turning my responses to political arguments online and my own posts into "I'm a Democrat so fuck you" statements in the hopes of trying to make statements that were based on what would be best for the American people regardless of what party was in favor of it. Sadly it was difficult when Republicans chose to follow Donald Trump's pathetic concept of :I'll say what I want, I don't care who gets offended, so long as I get what I want" politics and thus I found myself saying things I never thought I did.

Now things are different. Republicans may have lost Congress but they didn't lose their desire to continue to be Trump's lapdogs and Trump will simply use this loss as a way to cry foul for the next 2 years. I suspect he will continue to lie his way through the next 2 years in the hopes his lies will once again give him power over the pathetic Republicans who believed everything he said even when he admitted to lying.

That's why from here on out I will be sharing my thoughts in raw form. Republicans are no longer just another party with different views on how to improve our country. They are a party of racists, misogynistic and self absorbing liars who don't care about the people of this nation and I tend to expose them for who they are because they deserve nothing less. Now it's time for them to pay the piper.

Let's start with McConnell's lame attempt to pretend that he intends to work with the Democrats in Congress. We all know they wont and we all know he is just trying to gain sympathy now that they don't have control of all 3 houses. They now only have 2 choices, to give in to Democrats in Congress by either passing what they want or at the least compromising with them or they bring the Gov't to a halt and do their best to blame the Democrats even though it will be obvious to all it will be their own fault. McConnell will likely go for the latter and that will be their downfall. And they will take Trump down with them.
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#20MovieChallenge #movies #film 13/20

I know the rules say I shouldn't say anything but just this once I had to.

It seemed appropriate considering the day.
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