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A sad day for America. I may not have voted for him since he's a Republican but he was a good person, one of the few actual good people in our Gov't. RIP Sen McCain.
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I tried really hard to make this short but...

Let me set the stage:

I'm 16 years old, my mom and dad just recently got separated thanks to me dad being a total asshole for years pushing her to the point of wanting to kill him. My mom moved to NJ with her sisters and I move in with my sister and her husband to steer clear of my dad for a while and then I eventually move with my brother and his wife in FL.

There I spend a year of hell as my sister in law makes all attempts to break the family bond between my brother, our mother and me. As if my life wasn't already a clusterfuck of family problems from my dad's side with a brother and sister from another mother who didn't care about me already. My relationship with my brother hasn't been the same since.

Then I spent the next 25 or so years crashing into every obstacle I came across taking my own family down with me until we hit rock bottom and we end up stuck back in Puerto Rico where I have spent the last 2 years dwelling in my despair as I contemplated the errs that got us here. Depression had gotten the best of me but I refuse to let my children suffer my failures.

Now we get to the point of this story. I've been desperate to find a way to fix the mistakes I've made while looking for a way to get off this island back to the States and try again to improve my life and that of my family hoping the past 2 years have allowed me to learn from the mistakes that got me here and avoid making them again. But my current situation is making it nearly impossible for me to leave Puerto Rico because I can’t afford the trip or a place to move into and I risk not finding a job fast and/or good enough to keep me from ending up homeless again. I’ve reached a point where I have been considering begging the online community for help as I believe that staying here will only make things worse for my family because Puerto Rico is not making any progress, there is very little work here and the work that there is involves working in farms picking and packing food forcing me to do a lot of heavy lifting that will do more damage to my ankles which already have problems and to do it while under the hot tropical sun which gives me migraine headaches after only 30 minutes of exposure. But it doesn’t really matter because I sadly lost my birth certificate before moving here when I got evicted so without it I can’t even get a local ID let alone a job. On top of that getting one is apparently difficult when you don’t live in the same state you were born. So what can I do to solve my problems?

Well, an opportunity just presented itself that after some hard thinking has both pros and cons but the pros significantly outweigh the cons even if some of the cons are pretty bad. My brother, who 25 years ago I had issues with and nearly lost my relationship with, offered to help me get a job where he works. The idea is for me to move to California, he offered to pay for my ticket, but I may have to move in with him for a short period, a month or two perhaps. That’s where the problems come in. Though he is not married to the woman that I had issues with before his second wife is not exactly the world’s greatest sister-in-law either as she has repeated a few of the things that caused the disconnect between my brother and his mom and me. But I believe things will be different this time. I am no longer a child and I learned from past mistakes to know not to repeat them not to mention I believe he has learned as well. If I can tolerate and avoid issues with my sister-in-law and with my brother at work this can be a chance to not only leave the island but also to fulfil a dream. A chance to be at the center of the tech world, where Youtubers and tech giants are born. A chance to enter the career I have always wanted. A chance to be around people that get me and understand me.

I plan on taking this chance if my brother can confirm the job first and a place for me to stay. The pay will be good, I will be back where I belong and best of all my wife’s current job has offices in the area as well so there is the potential for her to ask for a transfer and we will both have jobs once she moves back to the states with me. It could be at least 6 months before they can leave Puerto Rico but it might be worth the long wait. I know my kids will be glad to leave. I guess the only real sacrifice I'll have to make besides being away from my wife and kids for at least 6 months, during the holidays no less, is that I won't be taking my PC with me thus I will be unable to pay any of my games, edit and upload videos to my YouTube channel or even try to start my livestreaming hobby I was gonna try soon. It may be a few months before I can even buy a new PC. I will friend on my phone and tablet to stay connected to social media and Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. But I believe the sacrifice will be worth it.
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Has this nation truly lost it's mind? Are Republicans seriously ok with this? I use to think hating the opposing party was the equivalent of hating the opposing team in your favorite sport. It's not that you think they are bad, its just that you think your team is better. But this, this is not about disliking the other party simply for being the opposing party. This is about fearing a party that is becoming a nightmare that could only be found in fictional horror and thriller movies. The idea that a party can be composed of open racists, open conspiracy theorists, open Nazis, open Russian apologists and downright stupid people so loyal to a party that they will ignore all the bad things happening within their own party for the sake of holding on to power, wanting rules passed that favor them and for the simple joy of sticking it to the opposing party.

The Republican party of today is not the party that simply argues against the Democrats simply because they are Democrats, the Republican party of today is a hijacked party where its original member's blind loyalty has been abused and taken advantage of and turn the party into everything this country is supposed to stand against in an attempt to push this country back to a time when rich White men controlled everything and everyone else was either powerless, a slave or an outsider.

I refuse to believe this is truly America today. I refuse to believe this is our future. There is no way this country will be known as a country who believes Trump is more of a savior than Jesus, a country where slavery made a comeback, a country where an enemy country can attack our sovereignty and then have the people root for them rather than demand retribution, a country where only Americans are allowed to come and go, a country where being racist and bigoted openly will be tolerated, a country where religion dictates the laws of the land.

If Civil War is the only resort left then Civil War we will give them.
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So I got to watch yet another awesome DC Animated movie this weekend, The Death Of Superman. A story line, as some would say, that has been done before in other movies such as Batman V Superman and Superman Doomsday There was also All Star Superman which kinda made it seem like Superman was gonna die thanks to one of Luthor's schemes although apparently he is in the sun maintaining it after an artificial sun villain called Solaris messed with the sun after making a deal with Luthor to kill Superman but then double crossed Luthor. I never read the comic (not my thing) but he was expected to return and I assume he did. Would be great to see an animated movie based on that.

Anywho, having seen Superman's death before I wasn't bothered by another movie portraying this storyline because I was hoping they would take this one all the way unlike the previous movies which kinda skipped a lot of interesting stories after Superman's death, even going so far as to mash it into a single hour and a half movie and changing how Superman was resurrected.

Well, it seems I may finally get the storyline I wanted as this new version of Superman's death, mixed into my new favorite version of DC animated movies from the Justice League War line that includes several awesome Batman and Teen Titan animated movies, will finally show the whole story as mostly told in the comics.

My opinion on The Death Of Superman is that I enjoyed the movie greatly. The fact that I already liked this new version of the Justice League added to that enjoyment. Knowing a follow up to the movie is coming next year makes me both extremely excited and extremely disappointed because I hate having to wait so long for something I want so bad. LOL. Still, knowing I am getting the full story, including the multiple Supermen that appeared to replace Superman after his death, just makes it all the more exciting to want to see and painful to have to wait till then.

Now, I already saw a handful of reviews criticizing the fact that this is yet another repeat storyline that we've already seen done before but I don't care. I don't base my opinions on other peoples reviews as I always consider the fact that we all have different tastes and what you may consider bad I may just enjoy. Take Suicide Squad, not the best DC movie made so far but I enjoyed it just fine because I didn't allow any obsession with perfection cloud my view of the movie. Sure, I want to see the whole Death Of Superman story but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy Superman Doomsday or Batman V Superman. Like some people here say you either like a movie or you don't. I don't subscribe to these childish mentalities that all recreations of a comicbook character have to stay true to the original 100%. I'm ok with a little bit of change for the sake of variety and fairness to everyone.

Take for example the remake of the Fantastic 4 movie where Johnny the Human Torch was played by a Black guy even though the comic shows him as a White guy. It's one of the reasons the movie did so bad though obviously not the main reason. From what I hear the movie is terrible though I'll save my judgement for when I get around to watching it. It is ironic that people would make such a big deal of a Black guy playing the role of a White character considering Nick Fury, played by another famous Black guy, is actually White in the comic yet I never heard a peep from the fanatic bleachers. Even funnier are the people crying about the new Teen Titan's series where the Starfire character is being played by a Black woman. Because apparently Starfire is supposed to be White even though her character is a bright orange. Unless they planned on taking a White girl and painting her orange (like Trump), doing some serious CGI or maybe getting a Chinese person that looked more American (because people say Chinese people have yellow skin and yellow is closer to orange than White is) I don't understand all this hate. But that's people for you, always looking for reasons to spew hate.

Anyways, back to The Death Of Superman movie, it's a must watch for any DC animated movie fan like me. I liked it, a lot, regardless if it was a repeated storyline. I look forward to Reign of the Supermen, the sequal. - The Death Of Superman - Reign of the Supermen
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I would never presume to personally understand what its like to be Black in the US even though I am 1/3 African. My Spaniard heritage is more pronounced thus I had never truly suffered being neither Black nor Latino most of my younger life as I managed to get away looking mostly White which BTW was a surprise to me when I figured it all out. If anything I had a worse experience from my own people when I moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 8 from New Jersey and spent most of the next 8 years bullied as the gringo from the US even though both my parents were Puerto Rican and I could speak fluent Spanish even though I never lived on the island till that point.

But sadly I find myself having more in common with my brothers from another African mother beyond my 1/3 bloodline and having been born here in the US. Now racist White people have taken it one step further and even us Ricans who are born Americans whether its on the main land or the island are now not considered Americans. And even worse, citizen or not apparently one is not allowed to show pride in ones heritage because even if I was not an American citizen, even if I wasn't born in the US or any of its territories, even if I had a passport from another country, a visa, a greencard or even being here illegally, I can't understand why its wrong to be proud to be of another country.

Have White people forgotten where they came from? Do they believe that their ancestors were on this land called America since the days of cavemen? Do they feel no pride of where they came from, where they great grandparents may be from? England, Russia, Germany, Polish, Swedish, French, etc? How is it possible that hatred towards anything non-White has somehow been passed down from generation to generation but the pride of their own countries has been lost so much that they probably have no idea who their great grandparents were?

We Latinos may not have suffered slavery as Blacks did and we may not have cops shooting us down just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with trigger happy, scared cops. But we Latinos seem to be sharing the same boat as you according to racist White people who are hell bent on getting rid of everyone who is not White from the US. Even more pathetic are White people who stay silent, who don't stand up to these racist monsters and continue to support these lousy politicians who are promoting racism and demanding violence as a solution to their problems. These Whites are just as bad as those who are racist because you stand neutral and do nothing.

Muslims are all considered terrorist because racist White people say so and those Muslims who stay quiet and supposedly never stood up against these Muslim extremists are just as responsible even if they are not extremist according to many White people in the US.

If this mentality is the normal then I say silent Whites are just as responsible as those who are racist and are demanding the destruction of the Constitution for the sake of removing all non-Whites from what they believe is their land, a land they stole from Native Americans.

So if this offends you good because if offending you is the only way to get your attention and make you see reality then so be it.
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When Obama won back in 2008 I found myself excited not necessarily because my party of choice had won but because we had elected our first Black President and to me that meant my country was continuing to move forward, making progress towards a better future where racism, bigotry and more were gonna be left behind. Never could I foresee that instead this would empower racism to rise up and bring about a storm of hatred, fear and Confederate like opinions that would put Donald Trump in the highest office in the nation and the Republicans in a position where Democrats, powerless, could do nothing more than scream from the sidelines.

That day when they announced Trump's victory I little bit of me died. It wasn't that a Republican had won. As an American citizen I am supposed to accept that my party of choice will not always win and thus we have to hope the other party still takes care of the nation even if their way is not what I would prefer. My concern was that Trump was not your typical politician, ironically something we all wanted as we were tired of the status quo. Except in Trump's case he was the worst case scenario kind of not typical. Ever since his victory as the candidate for the Republicans Trump made it the norm to be disgusting, racist, insulting and downright ignorant, everything a politician would see as political suicide. On top of that his lack of knowledge of just about anything he has the power to affect in some way, his enormous ego that makes him believe he's more like a king than a President and his ability to instill fear among his party members who would dare defy him mixed with an administration full of yesmen willing to spread his lies and deceits even when he contradicts them have made our nation a laughing stock to the world and has made our allies question whether they should continue being allies and do business with us.

Ever since he took office there hasn't been a day I woke up and hoped he had not broken the world or wondered what stupid thing he has said or done to make things even worse for us all. My only hope for some form of sanity was for the November 2018 Midterm elections to come and that a wave of Democrats would take away the power the Republicans got in 2016 that we were lucky they were not entirely able to use to its fullest extent thanks to division within their own party. Whether Trump is impeached or not is not my biggest concern (though I would welcome it with open arms) all I want is to take away his power in the House and Senate and up to this point the signs indicate that is a likely scenario.

But just when a little bit of light starts showing across the horizon as we see polls showing Democrats likely taking back Congress and potentially the Senate in 2018, plus some amazing wins in several primaries such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, a dark cloud formed that has everyone on the edge of a cliff. Now that one of the 5 conservative supreme court justices decided to retire by the end of July, the one justice that was considered the balanced vote in the supreme court even though he was conservative, this could turn the tables on every progress we have made in the past decade and give Trump even more power regardless what happens in the Midterm elections.

This is where I am at a loss.

How is it possible for anyone, regardless of party affiliation, to feel they can be proud to be part of a country that, thanks to its founding fathers, was meant to be a fair and honest country where everyone had the same rights and our Gov't system was meant to take care of it's citizens but instead its designed, or at least been twisted, to favor one party even when there is a system of balances meant to prevent any branch of the Gov't from having more power than the other two yet when all 3 branches can be controlled by a single party and one of them can be controlled by one party for decades the balance is nothing but a fantasy?

How can we expect the President to act in favor of the people when he is basically the highest power in the land and only has to answer to those who voted for him even though he is president to all?

How can we expect a Congress and a Senate to act in the best interest of the people when they are controlled by their donors regardless of party affiliation and will side with the President regardless of what he says or does for or against them just because he is of the same party?

How can we expect the Supreme Court to be fair and rule based on the Constitution when they are influenced by the party they affiliate most with rather than by their experience with the law?

How can we expect our country to make progress when one party has the ability to control every branch of our Gov't thus disrupting the point of having a democratic Gov't not based on the voice of the many but on the power of the few who take control of the many?

I never thought I would be a witness and part of the history of my country where something so terrible happened that it will make it to the history books so future generations can read about it. I had hoped we had progressed enough that we would be dealing with future problems that would turn out as time went on, not to have to watch the clock turn back and have to fight battles we already fought before just because the losers found a way to bring the problem back and are now trying to make it legal.
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It's time for some education.

*Can business owners really refuse service to anyone?
Under federal anti-discrimination laws, businesses can refuse service to any person for any reason, unless the business is discriminating against a protected class.

At the national level, protected classes include:

Race or color
National origin or citizenship status
Religion or creed
Disability, pregnancy, or genetic information
Veteran status
Some states, like California, have more protected classes than the federal baseline. In addition to the above factors, California adds:

Marital status
Sexual orientation or gender identity
Medical condition, or AIDS/HIV status
Military or veteran status
Political affiliations or activities
Status as a victim of domestic violence, assault, or stalking*

So basically there was no discrimination when Sanders was booted from the Red Hen restaurant. Just wanted to make this clear. Now, what happened to that gay couple in Colorado when they were refused a wedding cake by a bakery because he believed his religious rights were being violated by being forced to make the cake, that was discrimination because that falls under Sexual orientation or gender identity which is part of Colorado law. Lets remember it wasn't the denial of the cake the Supreme Court took into account when siding with the baker, it was the way the state treated him because of his belief, not the same thing, it's still illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Still people are celebrating the baker's win in court so we can accept that part of our nation is ok with refusing services to people, even if its through discrimination. Which makes me wonder why people are angry a Red Hen exercising their right to refuse service to anyone.

The first mistake made by the administration was expecting not to be treated like crap after all the shit they have pulled in just the past month alone. I don't care who you are, what party you belong to or what your 23andMe DNA Genetic Testing says about your ancestors, no one can be OK with the abuse these immigrant children have been receiving since this ridiculous zero tolerance policy was started so for Trump administration officials to expect love and respect from all civilians is expecting a lot. Many say Democrats lost in 2016 because they got what they deserved, well the same applies to this situation.

The second mistake was for Sanders to use her official Govt Twitter account to complain about the restaurant asking her to leave. This is an ethics violation. For a country of rules and laws this administration is really good at not following them. Curious to know if zero tolerance will be applied here.

Now the biggest mistake was done by none other than the President himself. The man who is supposed to be the leader of our nation, the example and also a servant of the people. But he instead decides to abuse his power to attack a small business by insulting them out of ignorance. The President used an official Govt account to criticize a restaurant he has never been to claiming its dirty when his own Mar-A-Largo has had multiple health violations.

This was an attack against an American citizen, a business owner, by the President himself, right after another administration official did the same thing through official channels. This is the equivalent of a cop forcing you to give him free food, to smack you for no reason and to yell at you for no reason simply because he's a cop and has a gun. This is an abuse of power by a man who thinks he is a King, superior to everyone else.

This is not about Republicans or Democrats. This is about abusing power. This is about condoning, approving and supporting this awful behavior by the highest office in the US. I have been told I should be proud to be an American. I am proud of my country's progress, but I am not proud of this administration, of it's actions, of it's language, of it's behavior or of it's abuses.

This is an act that anyone who is truly proud to be American would be disgusted with and would stand up for the business owner regardless if you disagree with their choice to ask Sanders to leave. It's one thing to be upset over their actions to refuse someone service (which could technically be considered hypocritical) but it's another to allow the President to do a civilian harm on purpose by abusing his position.

This is the one time Trump should have kept his mouth shut but he didn't and anyone who agrees with him taking this action should be ashamed of themselves because that proves you are UnAmerican, you have no pride and no shame.

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It seems Hydra, AKA the Confederacy is alive and well and looking to take over the country. Well I am here to tell them that I am not standing for it. We have the options of running away (moving to Canada or other countries, which is what they want) or we stand and fight. We had our first civil war almost 160 years ago and it was fought because it was necessary. From there we built the country we know and love today.

We once again are facing a moment in our history where a group of people are determined to take control of this country, through our Gov't, and turn back the clock to those times before the civil war where slavery was a thing, where women's rights were nonexistent, where rich White men had control of everything and the people did not matter. This cannot be allowed. We cannot permit all the progress we have done to be wiped out overnight by a group of people who have been hiding in the shadows for 160 years waiting for a chance to retake the country and destroy everything we have fought hard and long to create and change for the better.

I have never been one to consider fighting as my first choice to solve a problem but this particular problem seems too out of control to be stopped by any other means so I have decided to adopt the belief that if a Civil War 2 is what they want, a Civil War 2 is what they will get. I will fight to keep my country from falling into the hands of these people, from being destroyed from the inside with the help of outside forces. I will meet the enemy in the battlefield be it a political debate with words, a voting booth with pen and paper or in the streets with guns and ammo. I will not allow my country to fall so easily simply because too many are scared to stand up against evil because that is what we are fighting, evil.

The Republican party is being crushed from the inside, transformed and remodeled into a party of cruelty, hate and selfishness. They themselves are admitting that the party they once knew and believed in is no longer in control and is slowly being taken over by a new breed of Republicans who are following, not the will of the people but the will of a single man, a man who believes he is the only one who can "make America great again", a man who is being seen is Christ reborn. A man with zero religious thoughts but loved by Christians all over. A man with zero care for people's health and finances but loved by the poor and ignorant. This new breed of Republican is not only replacing those who dare speak against Trump but are forcing those too scared to lose their political powers to comply and become Trump loyalist at the expense of their loyalty to the party and its original policies.

This new Republican party, to me, is becoming the newest threat to this nation and all it stands for. An enemy within our borders. This is not about Democrats vs Republicans, this is about who we are vs what these people want us to be. This is about protecting the progress we have made and looking to improving our future even more vs allowing these people to destroy all this progress and set us back 160 years making us a potential enemy to the rest of the world. This is about defending and protecting our allies and not kissing the asses of our enemies for the sake of their egos and pockets.

I'm tired of pretending this will all blow over and nothing will happen. It has already happen and will continue to happen and I will do what I can to stop it. Trump is not representative of his current party and not representative of the majority of people of this nation and those who choose to follow in his shadow will learn that some mistakes come with big consequences.

So bring it. I am ready for Civil War 2 if that's what it takes.
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Muslims are evil because they used Islam as an excuse to commit atrocities. Does that mean Christians are now evil because they are using the Bible and thus Christianity as an excuse to commit atrocities?
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Why is it that misery really does love company? I often find myself wondering if I could meet people who have shared similar problems as mine and that they are also going through the same thing as me at this moment. It may seem strange to want something like this but I guess it has to do with not wanting to believe I am the only one going through this.

I hate the idea that I live right at the edge between being homeless and barely having enough just for the basics. I wish I could say that I am a total screw up and that I deserve to be where I am but I have a hard time accepting that. I have always been a hard worker, a team player. I would rather be working as a garbage pickup guy than being home collecting unemployment or getting Gov't assistance. But I have struggled to maintain jobs and I am concerned that I can't figure out if the problem is me (that I am somehow causing myself to lose jobs because of my attitude or something) or that my lack of college education and dependence on temp agencies makes me a less desirable employee.

All I ever wanted was to provide for my family and have a decent lifestyle. To eventually do what I love and make money off of it. But I haven't been able to fulfill that dream and am not sure if I can anymore. I feel like no matter how hard I try I seem to always be at a disadvantage that I am unable to overcome. Being a good, hard working employee has never worked for me so I am not sure what else to do to get and maintain a job.

I have had thoughts of trying to become a Youtuber. Crazy as it may sound I have the knowledge and the skills to start a channel, make my own videos, edit them and create pretty good content. But my lack of decent hardware, the inability to immediately replace any hardware that might break due to it being old already to continue producing content and having to share the little hardware I have with 3 other people in my house (my kids) thus not having the time or privacy to produce content on a consistent basis is currently making it difficult to build the channel and thus be able to profit from it. I can't even try live streaming because my hardware can't handle it.

I was hoping to at least do this as a side job while I had a full time and hope to grow it enough to eventually make it my full time job but how do I accomplish this when I can't even find a job right now, if I do its not likely to be much and will be likely to just stay ahead of my bills thus I may never be able to afford the hardware I need to get my Youtube channel going to potentially make it profitable. I am at a loss and not sure what to do at this point. My desire to become a Youtuber is so big that I find myself dreaming of winning every contest I see on Youtube and Twitch in the hopes of getting new hardware to make it a reality. But I'm only fooling myself. I should just accept this is how things are and I should be looking into a real job, any job even if its part time minimum wage doing anything.

I just want to give my kids a better life and enjoy it a little in the process. Just can't seem to figure out how to do it and am scared I never will.
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