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Does anyone actually read these summaries? (Here on Google, I mean?) It's not THAT burdensome to copy the monthly Facebook post over here, but there doesn't seem to be much point to it given that the evidence suggests that this space is completely dead. Let me know.

Calendar page updated:
May 4 | The Turin Horse; The Loneliest Planet
May 15 | Django Unchained
May 17 | It's Such a Beautiful Day
May 25 | 30 Rock
plus 2015.05 minutiae

Calendar page updated:
April 22 | The Boni situation
April 29 | The Master
plus 2015.04 minutiae

Miscellany page updated:
'70s Mondrian
2015 Lyttle Lytton winners

Audio page updated
Radio K #1-2

Calendar page updated:
March 15 || Woodrow Wilson
March 31 | The Deep Blue Sea
plus 2015.03 minutiae

Calendar page updated:
February 17 | Holy Motors
February 26 | Moonrise Kingdom
plus 2015.02 minutiae

Calendar page updated:
January 7 | My further experience with Obamacare
January 23 | We Need to Talk About Kevin
January 28 || The Sleeping Beauty; Sleeping Beauty
January 31 | The Artist
plus 2015.01 minutiae

Calendar page updated:
December 13 | Martha Marcy May Marlene
December 14 | Tuesday, After Christmas
December 17 || Moneyball
December 19 | Take Shelter
December 21 | Shame

Miscellany page updated:
Annotated list of favorite songs

Calendar page updated:
November 3 | Meek's Cutoff
November 11 || William Howard Taft
plus 2014.11 minutiae

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It has been brought to my attention that I should probably make a bigger announcement about this than merely posting a notice at the bottom of my minutiae page, so — I hereby announce that I am holding a fundraising drive for the new, fully rewritten ebook edition of Ready, Okay! Every $2500 pledged buys me about a month of writing time. Any funds left once that ebook is released will be rolled over to my next project: finishing up the Photopia novel. Help make these books a reality! Visit my Indiegogo page!

(I’m also collecting Patreon pledges to keep projects like the Calendar articles and Lyttle Lytton Contest going as well as these books. Check it out!

Calendar page updated:
October 20 | Angel
October 23 || Cloud Atlas
plus 2014.10 minutiae
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