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Saigon, Vietnam
I remember being in Harrisonburg in the fall, and
something, often my Vespa, would remind me that I would be returning to Vietnam
in the spring, and I would suddenly be filled with joy and anticipation. My
life in the United States has various traces of Vie...

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Hong Kong, China
I could write various stories about Hong Kong, including my
AirBnB apartment in SoHo, at the top of the Central/Mid-Levels escalator, the
longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world, which much more easily
takes you up the steep hills of Hong Kong...

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Shanghai, China
I didn’t love Shanghai, China, but the purpose of our
voyage is not to fall in love with every country. We are here to learn about
these countries and cultures, to get out of our comfort zone, to become more open-minded,
to increase our global perspective, ...

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Kyoto, Japan
Arriving in Kyoto together, on time, was most likely the
result of some guardian angels of traveling. I really don’t know how we walked
on to our bullet train to Kyoto seconds before the train left. Meeting at large
silver bell in the Central Passage of Tok...

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Tokyo, Japan
After leaving San Diego on January 6 th ,
we spent 17 of 19 days at sea. During our route to Japan we were alone at sea.
No ships, no land, only a few seabirds, and weeks of ocean water. Waking up on
January 26 th to finally see other ships and to finally s...

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Hilo, Hawaii
Had we not stopped in Hilo, Hawaii, we
would have spent 17 consecutive days at sea on the way to Japan. Our one-day
visit welcomingly offered a chance to step on land after 6 days at sea since Ensenada
and before 10 days at sea until Yokohama, Japan. I woke...

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I was somewhat
emotionally exhausted as the voyage began, which was not ideal, but I was grateful more than any other emotion. I traveled from Virginia to Connecticut
to San Diego to the MV Explorer, as if I was on a tour of my life, allowing me
to reflect ...

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Spring 2015 Semester at Sea Voyage
In a few days I will
embark on the Spring 2015 Semester at Sea voyage . Of course I am excited. Of
course I am grateful. Of course I have been impatiently waiting for the voyage
to begin. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m not calm. I’m quite the
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