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Cigarette taste better paired with Coffee and Frustration. . .
#coffee #Cigarette

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To your surprise, Railway Police filed a case against Ajmal Kasab for entering CST railway station without ticket. It is one of the funny facts about 26/11 attack in #Mumbai

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I only write when something come around me and affect my emotions that
I can’t do anything until I’ve articulated them. Am I allowed to #write about anyone/anything? #BloggingTips

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We have created a universe in which every person is a sun about whom all planets revolve. It's not called #Facebook for nothing. It's a book written by you, and about you, and for you – as if you are staring into a picture of yourself. It's not so much a #MacBook as a #MacphersonBook.

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Here I am gonna list out some of Indian bloggers make a huge amount of money just by blogging online and sharing useful information. They earn more than of  a very famous doctor or engineer can earn. The most important thing is that they do what they love most and they don’t need to work for others, they just do their hobby and making money out of it.

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Unfortunately, many people are trapped in mediocrity. I believe one of the main reasons is they do not dare to be different.Having the internet, Google, Facebook, YouTube and access to 500+ channels of television is amazing. We have access to more information than any other time in history. But our attention is limited.. . .

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Suffocating in Mediocrity
is no mere character flaw, but a deep tendency of the universe, to be
ceaselessly fought, with no hope of final victory. Sorry, I don’t make the
rules.         I
don’t know about you, but one of the things I’m afraid most in life is

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After a long gap :)

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Hi, I am your new GOD 😉
           I started noticing some not
so good things happening in the society from a couple of years like sudden
emergence and swift expansion of a terrorist outfit IS, who wanted to establish
Caliphate (they are using Caliphate just to arouse the feelings...

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