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Jim Chanos - Easier to Find Short Ideas as Bull Market Goes On
I've mentioned Jim Chanos before in this blog, and he's out again with some telling examples of late stage 'exuberance' While Mr. Chanos rarely seems to be perfectly timed with the market's current mood, he is rarely wrong longer term.

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Cool tool - IBorrow shows you short stock availability and borrow rates
While reading one of the many blogs I follow, I ran across this cool tool which I'd like to share with you: Interactive Brokers provides data showing borrow availability and the rate you'll pay to borrow the stock.  Using this d...

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Never bet against The Chanos
Never bet against The Chanos That may sound like an odd commandment, but it's a good one. I speak of Jim Chanos, the well known short seller.  Speaking highly of a member of such a profession may raise the hackles of some individuals, as well as governments...

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Hugh Hendry talking macro and China
It's been a while since I've mentioned Hugh Hendry but he's popped back up on YouTube recently.  After his positively raucous returns in the depth of the crisis he had a long period of very underwhelming returns and from his manner in this broadcast I'd gue...

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US Coal - brutal fallout from low natural gas prices
I've recently posted on the drop in natural gas and oil prices, but I haven't commented much on the knock on effects.  A brutal example is the destruction of coal companies in the US.  Train car loadings of coal have completely fallen off a cliff, caught fi...

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Free delayed quotes and a plethora of other financial data
If you are looking to import quotes into an excel spreadsheet, I haven't found anything else as convenient or extensive.  It can take you a while to get up to speed on the data available but it is worth it.   The range of data available, for free, is mind b...

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Oil's eventual recovery, part two
Before continuing with my posts on oil and energy I'd like to call out two excellent sources of information.  I've used both in my research and while I attempt to source everything sometimes bits of it slips through into the zeitgeist of my ideas and isn't ...

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Oil's eventual recovery, part one
now we are experiencing something which has only happened twice in nearly 30
years, a greater than 50% year over year drop in the price of oil.  The previous
event happened during the great financial panic of 2008 - 2009.  Today the US,
China, or ...

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More energy posts
Another dump of energy articles, questions, etc. Will big oil charge ahead while smaller E&P's face liquidity issues? via @liamdenning The huge energy companies may be able to power through this downfall assuming prices start risin...

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Some Questions regarding oil, nat gas, and energy in general
Some questions have been floating about in my head after the great fall in oil prices and their rippling through all the other various forms of energy.  The predictions are few, if any, just a lot of thinking out loud and links. I've been collecting all thi...
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