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Anders Rikardson
Independent Fine Art Specialist - Japan, China, Korea, and South East Asia
Independent Fine Art Specialist - Japan, China, Korea, and South East Asia

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Note on the two prints:
71D - Spinning Tops (c. 1930s)
71C - Flying Kites (c. 1930)

Both of the above prints comes from a group of Elizabeth Keith prints which I bought from Uchida Art Company when Uchida Art sold out their superfluous stock of prints.

The Elizabeth Keith group consisted of about 15-20 prints of 4 different designs. All in the same size. The two prints in the “artelino” archive comes from the above group. I sold the prints to a few different dealers. I did not keep records of any of the designs or the dealers to whom the Elizabeth Keith prints were sold. The prints were lotted up together with hundres of other pre-war Uchida published prints by other artists in groups which were bought as “job lots” by the dealers.

However the contribution of knowledge would be the “set” of “Korean children at play” consist of at least 4 designs in the same size as the above. 
They were most likely published in the latter part of the 1930s by the Uchida Art Company.
Further it is interesting to note that EK choose to work with another publisher than Watanabe. 

I also remember there was a single chuban sized print by EK, also with Korean children subject.

If my memory doesn’t fail me, I have been told EK was a supporter of a Korean orphanage. If so, one can speculate if the publication of the above prints might be, in some way, linked to the orphanage. This possibility is underpinned by the cheap production and size, which both seems somewhat out of line with the normal EK print (The normal EK print – with a deluxe feel to be predestined to sell in a gallery show at a top-end art gallery).

Further “prints”, not included in “Miles”, by EK which I can think of, just off hand, are the various postcards. Especially the “Chinese Children” set, which is a charming interpretation of portraits of 3-6 year old children.

Anders Rikardson

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