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Family Law Education Friday: Arbitration – A process whereby a neutral third person or panel considers the facts and arguments presented by the parties and their attorneys and renders a decision.

Family Law 101: Appear or Appearance – To come into Court either in person or by an attorney, voluntarily agreeing to a Court’s jurisdiction.

Agreement – A voluntary understanding between two or more persons

Family Law 101: Answer - Written response by a respondent that states whether he or she admits (agrees with) ordenies (disagrees with) the allegations in the petition. Any allegations not specifically denied are considered to be admitted.

Family Law Education Friday: Affidavit of Diligent Search – An Affidavit used to show that the Petitioner made all reasonable effort to find the
Respondent, or where the Respondent was living or working before providing service by publication

Family Law Education Friday: Adjudicated – Settled by a court of law

Family Law 101: Uncontested - Any and all issues on which the parties are able to agree and which are part of a marital settlement agreement.

Family Law Education Friday: Supplemental Petition - A petition that may be filed by either party after the judge has made a decision in a case and a final judgment or order has been entered. For example, a supplemental petition may be used to request that the court modify the previously entered final judgment or order.

Family Law 101: Supervised Visitation - A parenting arrangement under which visitation between a parent and his or her child(ren) is supervised by either a friend, family member, or a supervised visitation center.

Family Law Education Friday: Specified Visitation - A parenting arrangement under which a specific schedule is established for the visitation and exchange of the child(ren).
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