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Always Assess a Diamond Separated from Jewelry

Investment-grade diamonds may be purchased as loose gems or set in jewelry.

If the diamond is set in a piece of jewelry, such as a ring, bracelet or necklace, you must have the diamond appraised separately.

The value of precious metal settings and any stones surrounding a diamond may remain constant or depreciate while the investment-grade diamond appreciates. Knowing the value of the diamond itself provides investors the means to determine how their diamond investment grows

Jewelry can easily exceed the value of its gemstones by 45%, 65% or more. This is why when owners of jewelry attempt to sell they are often disappointed in what a buyer will pay. Generally, a buyer will weigh the metal and assess the gemstones as commodities and the purchase offer will be much lower than the original purchase price.

A critical issue when buying an investment diaomond is buying at the price that jewelers and retailers pay for those same diamonds.

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Investment-grade diamonds rarely depreciate. So, allocating a small percentage of your investment portfolio to physical diamonds provides global security greater than cash. Less diamonds are being mined, more diamond mines are closing and no new mines expected to be started for a decade or more. The reduction in supply will increase the demand, and therefore diamond values.

Definition of Investment-Grade

The world has an abundance of small, imperfect diamonds. However, large diamonds, clear diamonds, and flawless diamonds are much rarer. These are diamonds classified as investment-grade. When compared to standard diamonds, investment-grade diamonds have higher purchase prices for that rarity. These diamonds see higher value appreciation over time.

The quality of diamonds is defined by the four C’s. Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. Investment-grade diamonds are simply those with higher grades of clarity, color and cut that maximize the diamond's sparkle more than other diamonds.

Cut is the characteristic that influences a diamonds beauty and value the most. The fire and sparkle prized in investment-grade diamonds come from a high specification cut. Often confused with shape, the cut refers to the proportion and finish of a diamond and receives an assessment of Triple Excellent, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

Investment-grade diamonds should have a rating of: Triple Excellent, Excellent, Very Good, or Good at lowest.

Fair and Poor cuts are either too shallow, which lets light leak out of the bottom, or too deep, which lets light leak out of the sides. Investment-grade diamonds are cut to maximize light reflection through the face of the diamond minimizing leakage.

Diamond color is graded between the letters D-Z. D is the highest quality of color, indicating zero color. Z indicates the highest presence of color. As the absence of color raises a diamond's value and appreciation, investment-grade diamonds color grades include: D - J.

Carat Weight
One carat weighs .20 grams. Large diamonds have greater carat weight, are rarer than smaller diamonds, so a diamond's value rises in proportion to its carat weight. Investment-grade diamonds weigh .50 carats or more. The most liquid, those easiest to resell are of engagement sizes, ranging from .5 to 2.0 carats.

A diamond flaws are more visibile with absence of color, so clarity greatly affects the value of white diamonds. This is true even if the flaws are not visible to the naked eye. Investment-grade diamonds with maximum appreciation potential have clarity grades of F-VS2.
F is flawless, IF is internally Flawless, WSI is very, very slightly Included, and VSI and VS2 are very slightly Included. Avoid diamonds designated SI or I. Rarely do these diamonds increase in value.

Round, brilliant cut white diamonds are generally accepted to have the greatest potential for appreciation although here are some exceptions.

A paper certificate from a third-party diamond laboratory assessment greatly increases a diamonds potential for value growth. The certificate offers physical proof that the diamond has been appraised by a reputable laboratory identifying the 4C grades. The most highly recognized certification is from Gemological Institute of America (GIA). In addition to verifying and validating the qualities that determine a diamond's value, the certificate which details blemishes and inclusions may also help identify a specific diamond in the event of loss or theft.

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Deutsche Bank and the End of Money

Will Deutchbank fail?

Well like nuclear war it’s always a possibility but like nuclear war it’s not something any sane government is going to allow to happen because even the smallest version is cataclysmic. Why do I say it won’t fail with such confidence? We all saw what happened when Lehman failed, and Deutchbank would be the same except, maybe even bigger.

So we’re looking at a dance.

Like brexit the vultures see an opportunity for a scare, to create panic and to push Deutchbank shares down, the global market down and have great short play. The whether it’s the ECB or German government, some entity is going to ride in to save the day and lo and behold it’s not all so bad and time to go long again. Some people are going to be making fortunes out of this.
Of course if you’re a normal investor, you can ride the storm till the ship is righted by government again.

However, while you do that some really smart risk takers will make out like bandits. But even when the ship is righted what are you left with?

Well your paper shares will return with headline numbers to somewhere where they were before.

But behind the scenes a lot of paper money will have been printed, or more accurately more electronic money will have been created to stabilize the ship. Savers or those with assets will have been taken to the cleaners as before, the zero or real negative interest stealth tax.

Whether it’s the German government or ECB that rides in to save the day, global banking will be even that much closer to being a government institution.

We have BOJ, and we are headed to bank of Europe. The U.S. banks are becoming versions of parastatals. So whatever “real” value you still have will be in the hands of government directly or government paper. When the government needs money, your “real” value will be taxed directly or as we see though stealth means.
Government is going to do what it needs to do to keep inflating the balloon.

Government is going to keep that house of cards upright, and it will need your money to do so. Central banks can only do so much, and the government is taking over the other banks, while underpinning stock prices to keep pensioners happy.

We can debate the degree to which this is happening.
we can debate how or when it ends, we can debate what it would take to reverse the process, but the fact is its happening. The debate is one of scale and timing, not fact.

No wonder then that tangible assets become ever more attractive to preserve some portion of people’s wealth.

The question with tangible assets is that there are only so much to go around, liquidity can be an issue and with excess demand they can be easily inflated. That’s why something yet to be speculated, with a long, long history of steady value growth. which is globally tradable, highly liquid, and so compact you physically possess any value you like is so attractive now. It’s why DVDs, the world first real investment diamonds are the answer to the challenges of the 21st century.

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In the News Today

Bitcoin user accounts hacked losing 36% of their money. Delta airlines cancels all flights due to a computer shutdown.

Electronic transactions are great, efficient, and inexpensive. However, does anyone truly think that the types of events listed in today’s news will never happen again. More likely, like all hacking, they may become more frequent and more devastating.

Electronic information, electronic data exchange and electronically controlled currency is efficient. You can buy or sell with the click of a button. The problem is it's likely someone else can too, and with your money. So if its long-term savings and security, do you really want all those to be electronic.

Or is there realistically more peace of mind in something you physically possess, in the palm of your hand, with no fees for as long as you wish?

That's a Defined Value Diamond.

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It’s Math Not Politics

These days there is a strong feeling that politicians, regardless of party, have a somewhat loose relationship with facts.
As seen from the great recession, and more recently in Europe and China, regardless of what politicians say or promise, math doesn't lie, and is extremely unforgiving.

Following are some math facts to consider for the future
Regardless of who or how it was generated, currently total debt in the USA exceeds 19 trillion. According to the congressional budget office the projected deficit over the next 30 years (the baby boom retirement bubble) is $103 trillion. The current net value of all assets held by American households and businesses today is $121 trillion.

Of the $103 trillion projected deficit, 55 trillion will be interest payments. If annual growth is boosted to 3% from wherever it is now, that will add 14 trillion to our economy over 10 years. 4% would add 29 trillion.

Math Does Not Lie

We can debate what future interest rates may be, the actual figure could be worse or better. 3% annual growth seems like a dream, and 4% a fairytale. However one looks at it, whatever assumptions one may make, there is going to be significant shortfall. The only question is how large, and when the bill will finally come due. What will things look like 10 years from now, 20, 30, or 50? Certainly there will be some better times along the way, but overall math does not lie.

While some may call me an alarmist, or a pessimist, I'm simply being realistic.

Who wants to take the chance? What happens when every asset is paper or electronic, when all assets are tracked and the government needs money. Well in Cyprus during the recession, each bank account with money in it got dinged for 10% right off the top, just because people had savings and the government needed money, right away. And that figure does not take into account the lowering of their currencies value.

Of course we are not Cyprus, but then neither is Holland — and a desperate government there did, more or less, the same thing.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Remember how we interred the Japanese during WWII? If 9/11, the recession, or Brexit has taught us anything, it’s that in the 21st century anything can happen. Even what we used to think was impossible. The realities of today and the future require some safe haven assets, even if only for peace of mind.

What could be better or safer than the world most compact store of wealth?

Define Value Diamonds. Something only you know you posses, something so compact that 1 oz is worth $700,000 or more.

Food for thought.

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Brexit Shmeksit

One again the “professional” financial world is in turmoil, last week it was the UK voting to leave the EU, and panic set in. In today’s world who knows what next month or next year will bring? I have said it before, but it bears repeating, ever since the “recession” of 2008 all the old rules are off. The smart money is seeking safe haven in tangible assets from diamonds, to art, to collector cars.
Do any so called financial “experts” really know what’s going on?
They are in their own words “betting” with other people’s money; sometimes a few of them even get it right. Last week its Brexit and the financial world is telling us is to expect volatility, which is a pretty open-ended statement. Next month they may tell us it’s not so bad and to bid the market up again, or they may say it’s worse and short-sell.

The traditional safe haven — gold — is in speculation once again
For how long no one can say, but it’s certainly a clear sign of concern. What we can all say for sure is that when the speculation ends the price of gold will fall once again, just as it always does.
Diamonds, DVD diamonds continue their steady inexorable slow, safe rise. Couples will still get engaged, and if less people get engaged this year, then less diamonds will be mined, a natural balance of supply and demand.

We never say put all your eggs in any one basket. However, why risk paper investments which clearly have a volatile road ahead and where any outcome is possible. How many trillions of dollars were wiped out over Brexit? Better then, consider putting some of your wealth where you have ultimate security. DVD diamonds. Wealth you physically possess, wealth that has stood the test of time in good times and bad.
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