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Apparently my Google account is going to “transition“ soon. I’ve become a domain administrator for, but it is terribly confusing. The help information tells me to click on things that don’t exist.

It sounds like my entire Google Plus account may get wiped out as part of this transition. Such a terrible experience.
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Head First Mobile Web by +Lyza Gardner and +Jason Grigsby is 50% off at O'Reilly today.
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We need help spreading word about our workshop in New York next week. We made the description too cute and people didn’t get it so registration has been slow. Oops! So we need help to make sure the event is a success. Thank you in advance.
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Breakpoints and zooming (3 photos)
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If you let content define where the breakpoints are in a responsive web design, aren’t you making assumptions about the text size and/or zoom level?

FWIW, we provide an example of letting content define the breakpoints in our book, and it makes much more sense to us than selecting breakpoints based on popular screen sizes (e.g., 320x480) that may change in the future.

I honestly don’t have a good answer for this. It is one of those things that has been in the back of my mind, but I’ve been a little afraid of opening what seems like a can of worms.
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There is no future proof. But now there is future friendly.

"It’s a call to arms. Or rather, it’s a call to be future friendly..."
• Acknowledge and embrace unpredictability.
• Think and behave in a future-friendly way.
• Help others do the same.
Future Friendly
Future Friendly
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I created a list of all the awesome information that came out of the Breaking Development Conference in Nashville. If anyone has something I am missing please add it in the comments:

Jeremy Keith's Post Breaking Development Thoughts -

Luke Wroblewski's Notes on Select Talks

Breaking Dev: Buttons are a Hack -
Breaking Dev: Casting Off Desktop Shackles -
Breaking Dev: Breaking the Mobile Web -
Breaking Dev: Pragmatic Responsive Design -
Breaking Dev: There Is No Mobile Web -

Presenter Slides:

Day 1
Developing a Progressive Mobile Strategy - Dave Olsen -
There Is No Mobile Web - Jerem Keith -
Pragmatic Responsive Design - Stephanie Rieger -
Breaking the Mobile Web with HTML5 - Maximiliano Firtman -
Buttons Are a Hack! - Josh Clark -
Faster Mobile Anyone? - Steve Souders -
Why Mobile Apps Must Die - Scott Jenson -

Day 2
Selling The Mobile Web - Brad Frost & Jack Bishop -
Client-Side Adaptation - John Boxall -
The Cross-Channel Experience - Nick Fink -
Responsive & Responsible - Scott Jehl -
Designing Mobile Web Experiences - Luke Wroblewski -
Adaptation: Why responsive design actually begins on the server - Bryan & Stephanie Rieger -
Casting Off Our Desktop Shackles - Jason Grigsby -

Other Important Info that came out during the conference:

RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side Components - Luke Wroblewski -
Of Sites and Apps - James Pearce -
Mobile Web Best Practices -
Mobile HTML5 Compatibility Chart -
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