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Vohaul Strikes Back
A fan-made sequel to Sierra's classic Space Quest series
A fan-made sequel to Sierra's classic Space Quest series

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Here is a video of Jason Vertucio, one of our voice actors, molesting his vocal cords, just for our sake. Can you guess which character he is playing? :D

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Something we have neglected to mention on this page is that +Frederik Olsen off our team and +Troels Pleimert, the #SpaceQuest  Historian (and VSB voice actor and beta tester) were both involved in the development of the free #adventure    #game   #Serena  which was released back in January. You can download the game for free on +Steam or at

But that is not the only thing this wall post is about; check out the attached photos of an article in an Argentine gaming magazine (courtesy of #Serena  team lead +Agustín Cordes) for a cool little shout out to "Vohaul Strikes Back"!

Oh, and the #talkie ? Yeah, we will admit we have been slowed down a crawl. More than once. We have gotten in touch with some of our previously MIA voice actors recently, though, so we are finally getting some work done again. Still, keep this in the "done when it is done"-category for now and do not endanger your health by holding your breaths. We will, as always, keep you posted!
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Happy holidays, everyone! You may be interested in the latest episode of +Troels Pleimert's #SpaceQuestHistorian  podcast. +Frederik Olsen from Team VSB makes an appearance, revealing the juicy secrets of the easter eggs of #VohaulStrikesBack .

So if you have heard about the secret ending, but never actually found out how to trigger it, here is your chance! And who knows, maybe you will learn of a secret you did not know existed. Happy listening!

Some of you have raised concerns regarding the long spell of apparent inactivity. So we are pleased to inform you that we are still hard at work on the talkie. Vohaul's parents made it into the game today, for instance.

We are not as close to the finish line as we would like to, but it's slowly entering our field of vision!

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Hope you are all enjoying the summer! First things first: work on the talkie has slowed down a bit during the holidays, but we are still doing the best we can on it, and our voice actors continue to bust their vocal cords and submit awesome recordings for us. We continue to make headway, and we are going to get there, but naturally, lots of the people involved are spending time with their families or just taking a break. 

It is also worth a mention that +Chris Ushko's novel, #AncientsRoyale , has now been released on the  #Kindle . If you are among the people liking his Facebook page (, you will even have the chance to download the novel for free within the next two days. If you have played +Space Quest Incinerations, you know it will be worth at least one read. Congratulations on the release, Chris!

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If you missed yesterday's commentary session for +Space Quest Incinerations, it is now available on +YouTube. Despite a few audio issues, a good time was had by all.

Note that this video contains some strong language.

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Tomorrow, +Troels Pleimert (AKA the Space Quest Historian and proprietor of the +Two Guys From Andromeda page) will be doing a live developer's commentary session for our sister game, +Space Quest Incinerations. Joining Troels for this commentary will be:

+Chris Ushko - lead designer of Incinerations and 2D/3D artist, animator, writer and director for Vohaul Strikes Back

+Akril Starr - character artist for Incinerations, lead designer of the acclaimed Adventure: It's All In the Game series and co-designer of the two Pledge Quest games.

+Frederik Olsen - composer on Incinerations and founder, co-director, composer, writer and talkie-supervisor for Vohaul Strikes Back

The event will be livestreamed on +YouTube at the time seen in the attached link. The participants will be taking questions via YouTube comments, the Incinerations Facebook and +Google+ pages and the‪ ‎#s‬q IRC channel. 

We will provide a link to the livestream on this page. A Vohaul Strikes Back commentary session featuring the complete development team is also in the cards - more on that after the summer holidays!

See you all tomorrow.

Another milestone has been hit. All 2272 of Roger Wilco's lines have now been added to the game!

Now begins the arduous - but fun - process of getting retakes in the can where applicable and, of course, getting the remaining characters cast, recorded and added. Never give up! Never surrender!

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Today, we broke the 50% barrier, meaning that there have now been added more than 4,000 lines to the game.

"But wait...", you might interject while squinting your eyes skeptically at one out of way too many talkie-centric updates. "Do they actually have anything to show for it?"

And the answer is: yes, we do. To celebrate that we are halfway there, here is a small mock-up starring voice actors Tawmis Logue, James Murray and Joe Cassara, that'll give you a hint of what you can expect eventually.

So close your eyes, listen to this mp3 and be transported to the icy vistas of Radon! Hopefully, it will not be too long before you are able to actually play the talkie version.

Comments are also appreciated; we would very much like to know what you think!

Since some of you have asked about the status of the talkie version, or been kind enough to share our pleas for auditions, you may want to know that we have reached a bit of a milestone. All of the Furkunz characters have now been fully voiced and are actually in the game!

The rest, of course, is still being worked on at a steady pace. And as for the number of fully implemented lines, it looks as if we will be breaking the 50%-barrier soon!
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