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Melania Trump Official White House Pancake Portrait
This is my official painting of new US first lady Melania Trump  with pancakes on top of his head- Larger Trump Tower and White House Melania Trump  portrait. This painting was sold on my Etsy last month.  I've used this blog so little in the past few years...

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Dylann Roof Pancakes
A painting of Dylann Roof with pancakes on top of his head- Larger Dylann Roof painting This painting is currently listed on my Etsy For the past year I've largely taken a break from contemporary painting, instead focusing on painting many portraits of Prin...

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Trump Wins Election USA Presidency 2016
A painting of Republican candidate Donald Trump winning the 2016 US presidential election. Trump Wins ( Larger Image)

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Donald Drumpf The Pancake Fuhrer
A portrait of US GOP Republican presidential candidate Donald J.Trump as The Pfannkuchen Fuhrer- Larger Donald Trump Pancake Fuhrer image. Cross posted to a few of my regular haunts, including Flickr . Reoccurring head cold again, ugh. I have no will to sta...

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US President Barack Obama Historic Cuba Trip Unicorn
a painting of US President Barack Obama on his historic February trip to the island nation of Cuba-

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Agent Mulder David Duchovny X-Files Pancake (reworked)
This is a reworking of a painting from a few years ago of actor David Duchovny as Agent Fox Mulder of the US science fiction television program 'The X-Files' with a pancake on top of his head. The show is currently enjoying a renewal. The repainting was don...

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Smiling Bernie Sanders Pancake Portrait
A painting of a smiling US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders with a pancake on top of his head- Larger smiling Bernie Sanders Thanks to the art forum at Reddit which last week posted my original Bernie Sanders pancake portrait. The imgur link has been v...

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Katamari Damacy Gun Collector Obama
A painting of US President Barack Obama as the Prince from the Playstation Katamari Damacy game, collecting all of the guns of the world on his Katamari ball as his father The King Of All Cosmos looks on. Katamari Damacy Gun Control Obama painting (larger i...

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Ben Carson Black Jesus Painting
Very detailed study for my version of a painting of US Republican Presidential hopeful Ben Carson posing with Black Jesus, and pancakes- This was inspired by the painting of Ben Carson and Black Jesus which is hanging in Dr. Carson's home. My Jesus is the A...

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Glenn Rhee The Walking Dead Pancakes
A painting of Glenn Rhee of the US AMC cable television series The Walking Dead meeting his fate at the hands of a syrupy herd of delicious pancakes   Glenn Rhee The Walking Dead Pancake Death Portrait - Etsy
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