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the adventure begins here
the adventure begins here
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Personal style, a letter to you | #fashionfebruary
I 100% get it. Finding your personal style can be hard. It’s like finding
who you are a person and where you fit into society. You want your personal
style to embody you, to describe who you are to others, but to make you feel
fabulous in your own skin. Fas...

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Got-to lecture/seminar outfit | #fashionfebruary
When it comes to lectures and seminars, they are usually
early and I am usually not bothered. So, I like to make sure that my outfit is
comfortable, most importantly, and sort of like I have my shit together.
Because I have kept this up throughout my time a...

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Outfits of the week | #fashionfebruary
I do want to say that this is literally my outfits of the
week. I am a top and jeans girl and if I am wearing a dress, it’s because I
felt like making an effort that day. I honestly have a pretty boring yet
comfortable style but it works for me. Monday I wo...

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I spent too much money - Haul | #fashionfebruary
So today the long awaited huge haul is here. I put a stop to
myself spending soo much money but i'm sure when a new season hits, I’ll be at
it again. I'm am just going to stick to pictures for this haul and just say what
everything is and where its from. I ...

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Closet Confidential Tag | #fashionfebruary
Today we are going to be talking all things in my wardrobe.
Although this tag as been around for absolutely yonks, I really wanted to bring
it back and test myself to see if I could answer all of the questions. So, here
goes 1. What is the oldest item in yo...

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Top 12 wardrobe essentials | #fashionfebruary
For today’s post, I couldn’t stick to 5 or 10 so today we
have 12 essentials. Amongst all the shopping that I do, there are lots of
basics and staple pieces that you always need in your wardrobe, can with stand
trends and goes with any outfit. Today I want ...

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Wardrobe organisation tips | #fashionfebruary
I tend to be one of those people that after watching a lot
of organisation and cleaning videos on YouTube, I just want to throw everything
away and start afresh. I recently cleaned out my wardrobe and although I still
own a lot of clothes, I want to keep it...

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Trend alert: Colour Blocking | #fashionfebruary
From the amount of times that I have been browsing on online
shops and going back in to store to return everything, I’ve seen a lot of
clothes and trends in the past few weeks. I know what’s kind of coming back
around, what’s kind of sticking for a little w...

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Everyday Makeup
I kid you not that they makeup I have been doing to my face
hasn’t changed since I started wearing makeup. Eyeliner, mascara and brows.
I’ve had my phases with makeup when it comes to overusing eyeshadow, blusher,
bronzer and I’ve realised that it just isn’...

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Portsmouth day trip | taking time out
The other day after my final exam (thank god) I felt like a
huge weight had been lifted and I could breathe. It was like everything seemed
so much better than before and I was ready to go on more adventures without
feeling guilty about not doing any work or...
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