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Illinois Changes DUI Laws
Residents in and around Chicago should click this link to read about some changes that the State of Illinois implemented to drunk driving penalties effective January 1, 2015. Learn what situations can cause a person to be subject to criminal penalties. Get the facts also about what types of charges and consequences drivers can face if arrested for drunk driving in Illinois.

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New Report Reveals Limitations of IL Eyewitness Testimony
Check out this article about recent research indicating why eyewitness memories and testimony are often questionable. Human memory is more dynamic than many people realize, and law enforcement procedures can exacerbate the issue by providing witnesses with intentional or inadvertent feedback. Even without this influence, the nature of memory and variables specific to the crime may often result in inaccurate recollections and identifications.

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Will IL Consider Milder Sentences for Minor Drug Possession?
Take a look at this article about a recent proposal from Chicago’s mayor, which called for reform of the laws that address non-violent, minor drug possession charges. The mayor proposed downgrading the classification of certain violations and decreasing the penalties associated with others. This could reduce ineffective punishments while letting authorities focus on more serious offenses.
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