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" Truth is not relative nor is it possessed by a particular person. Rather it is universally available, able to be expressed by anyone. Getting to it, however, often requires an openness to reasoning with others."

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" Feelings of incompleteness, dissatisfaction, loneliness, and selfishness aren’t from God, and we have the authority of Christ to dismiss them from our consciousness and remove their effects from our lives. ”

-from the article

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I really wish he'd won, although his running-mate would have established the VAT, a value-added-tax system. VAT is ripe for corruption because it hides accountability. But based on Romney's record, maybe he would have gotten his running mate to right the rules first before signing junk into law.

I don't know, it's a future that didn't happen. Instead, he, Romney, is a footnote in history, like Dan Quayle, but he's still a stand-up guy, acknowledging the apology.

A good friend told me recently that a behavior grown men have to have is to be firm, but soft. And they don't pout.

Younger sister told me yesterday I'm still acting like a little kid, and people are fed up with it, and sorry doesn't cut it if people won't, can't choose to believe the apology.

So, I'm stuck with the same dilemma the American tourist had when a Chinese court was assessed of 10% of fault when a bicyclist ran into her. "How was it 10% my fault?"

"If you hadn't been in the country to begin with, he couldn't have run over you."

Lots of aphorisms cover the "and then what happened?" when the choices of writing "happily ever after" to close the storybook at bedtime, and the kiddo pouts.

"Sometimes, no matter how much you pray, the gods say 'no'."

"Actions have consequences."

"Everything always works out for the best, it just sometimes it takes strong nerves to watch."

Stories matter only to humans, as far as we know. But their importance to reality is always, as far as I have ever experienced, serve to act as history and guidelines to possible futures.

It's impossible to tell stories without an audience. The teller can practice in private, but eventually you gotta go on stage and take the risk the audience says, "boooo!" Or "fail!," in the popular vernacular of today.

My favorite endings>

"Go to bed, little one, and dream of what happy-ever-after looks like."

"Everybody deserves an n-th chance, because until we're dead, it's not game-over." That's what Mitt did here...accepted the apology and noted it's all he could expect.

Maybe Romney gets another chance at the Big Chair, maybe not. God knows, and He isn't talking, yet.

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...I find a lot about this disturbing. Fer instance, 'the feet were found together. You go to the trouble to detach the head, hands and feet...and what? The shoe laces were tied together???

And now, I'm troubled by that fleeting thought, where did I read it, or hear it in a movie or TV show, that with a dismembered corpse, the body is cut into 6 pieces. Yah gotta count the torso for the math to work out right.

Probably an Elmore Leonard novel. Sounds like his stuff.

Other items of note: file under 'Very Bad Things,' with Cameron Diaz, 'Playing God,' with David Duchovny, and '8 Heads in A Duffle Bag,' with Joe Pesci.

Black Dahlia references will not be accepted nor permitted. 'If a geek makes a blog post and no one reads it, did a thought really occur?'

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I know, you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin'.

'There can be only one!'
2012: The Highlander Gathering. Seems an Aztec calender predicting the EOTHWAWKI would be more fitting, but I'm a gonna Mayan my own business.

Post has attachment there's something to be said about the 'Big Collegiate System,' other than the 'C' is redundant and it's always been 'BS.'

The '90's had a lot of problems, but the worst was the idea that academics should become a business. It was inevitable, but it was still a bad idea. Professionalizing the sports teams is just a symptom that made the patient that much worse off before the disease set in.

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