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Now I got my #Jolla ! Nice. Chrismas day is still 1 week away. Btw. the device arrived before the delivery tracking mail ;). Shouldn't the Jolla be a developer phone? As a developer I'm looking for the serial connector (and jtag)? Is there example code for the other half's? I like to create one with microcontroller. Where can I get the missing system source code? Where is the bugtracker for system components? Where is the kernel tree? How does this device boot? [...]

I'm still searching for a good phone. In other words a successor for my old n900. my requirements are:
- open source kernel drivers (except graphics maybe)
- keyboard
- full of usefull stuff. like fm-sender or IRled :)
- open bootloader
- good gsm module
any suggestions which devices fit most of these?

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Here are statistics about our internet connection at the +DevFest Berlin  and the amount of connected wifi-clients .  The red dashed line shows our available bandwidth.  #GDG #DevFest
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ok, that closed-source software like +hangout or flash does not work on modern 64bit linux systems won't surprise me. but now the  #io -player say my browser(chromium) does not recognize any available video formats?! wtf are you streaming with flash?

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