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I'm a musician, an artist & a full-time student. |
I'm a musician, an artist & a full-time student. |


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Hello Epic Family !!!

I'm proud to announce that I am officially starting university next week ! :)
As for music, even though I haven't published a new song yet, I still compose. I got few projects on hold and tons of ideas to explore.

Until a release on Youtube, you can follow me on instagram. :)
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Hello Lovely Epic Bros!

yup ! J0W3x still alive, sorry for this Social Network Silence, I definetly should warn people when I take a break, even if it's more than often unexpected. No worries, I always come back ! And working on a minimal project that goes with my much larger project called "La géométrie du silence" (Geometric Silence).

Your heard Circles, that was about life and memories. How routine is never the same.
Next song is about Squares/Rectangles. Sorta. :)
More infos soon !
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I'm working on a brand new personal project and will let you know in CinematiQc's post Music Week 3. Until then, I'll catch up three weeks in one post.

Coming soon in next blog
Music Week 2 : Back to School Playlist
Art Week 2 : Tapastic
January's Last Day Session
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Hey friends!

I know it's been a while since my last upload. To be precise, 3 months.

I've been going through some kind of a musical burnout for these last couple months and I think you were able to hear that development in my music since it was very noisy and had little to no real melody.
So what I did was that I decided to take a little break and just do that kind of music I like whatever genre it is. I experimented a lot with ambient music, synthpop and even modern pop music which was fun and I think I am going to share some of the results soon.

But first I wanted to share a track wih you which I have been working on for a long, long time.

Big thank you to Kai Rathsack from Epic Music World who created a fantastic video for the track presentation. And last but not least a big thank you to Alex Moukala who did a great job on mixing and mastering my composition!

"The Awakening" (Montage):

"The Awakening" (Original):

Kai, Alex and I hope you like this!

Have a wonderful evening,
Your Chris
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OMG, mighty Internet is back. Thanks dad! Brand new post coming very soon and still thinking about a video concept. :)
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Yay G+'s Epic Family !!

You guys are the first to have access to 2016's first playlist post! :D

Woot woot! So happy. Next one will be in two weeks from now, since I alternate with arts week. :) Next week is about vintage stuff, can,t wait to share, but for now : it's sleep time for me !

Good night !
(or good morning)

Much love,
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Happy New Year :D
Joy, Love and Peace <3
+ Lots of success too. :)
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Merry Christmas ! :D
Peace, Health and Joy to the World. :)

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