Or at least that's how I feel when I am photographing them. There is just something about being close to a waterfall and if you come to the PNW to shoot these massive cascades of water with us you better bring your waders because we don't sit on the sidelines...we get in and get wet. If you are scared of a little water you better stay in the dust bowl because out here we don't play!

If you have the guts (see balls) to come and get some and you want an excuse to come out during the peak of the waterfall season this spring check out our upcoming Waterfalls & Workflow 3 day in the field workshop coming up in April. We only have a couple spots left and very soon the entire PNW is going to be exploding with vibrant green moss & foliage and spring runoff and we are scheduled to visit a collection of the best Oregon & Washington has to offer.

I Am The Waterfall King
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