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Maybe my favourite tween book
I've always felt that once you stop reading picture books to your kids you are missing out on some of the best books, artwork and stories that get written. The gorgeous illustrations, quirky humour and exciting dreams of future worlds. Well, the same goes w...

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Middle School; what's it all about?
I used to read books about kids in middle school and I had no idea what it was. We are used to primary school and secondary school. It's the way of things here in Australia. It's how our schools are run. Well, most of them. But not the one we go to. This ye...

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Harry Potter Tween Clothing in action
I have walked to every shop that sells clothes for kids over eight and stalked too many websites. Ask any parent of a kid aged 8-12 about buying clothes and most will tell you the same story, there is barely anything decent.  Finding clothes that suit the t...

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On our Book Shelf: Tweens and Kids
What did ya get for Christmas? I hope you got a book. One of the best bits of every Christmas in this house includes the new books that we all get to read. This year the presents were a great success. For Tweens and Teens: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar...

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Circus 1903
Things have changed at the circus over the last century. Well, just a little bit, but really not all that much, Circus 1903 shows a bit of a glimpse of circus life in 1903, with costumes, acts and entertainings similar to the old days. But the circus will a...

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Strawberry forests forever
Last week the girls and I took a little drive just out of Melbourne to a place called the Strawberry Forest. It's a new way to pick your own strawberries that doesn't include crawling around in the dirt to find them. Instead, they are grown vertically. Real...

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New App for Kids 2017: Toca Life Vacation
Holiday time equals downtime for everyone and that means the kids might be using their devices more. I much prefer my kids to be creating not consuming while the use their iPads, it's way too easy for them to just sit and watch rubbish that other people hav...

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Review: Museum Alive IMAX 3d
The sunniest day in Melbourne 2016: IMAX We went to check out the latest at Melbourne IMAX this week and got to see David Attenborough's new feature, Museum Alive 3D. WOW. It was fabulous. It's a short film, less than 45 minutes from start to end and every ...

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Letter to the world: 2016
Dear World I am eight. Today I learnt to ride a bike. No training wheels. I’ve had   heaps of bikes in the past but I just never wanted to ride them. Today I decided I would and in just a few spins of the car park I was hooning off on my new wheels. 2016 ha...

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On our Bookshelf: For Teens and Tweens Christmas 2016
Miss 10 and I have been reading like crazy recently. So many great books out there that we decided to share a few of them with you. It can be difficult to find books for reluctant readers, for teens who think nothing relates to them and tweens who are lost ...
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